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TMZ has removed graphic content from video of the brutal murder of 19-year-old Andre Lowe from its site.

The move comes after more than 200,000 people joined a popular campaign started by the victim’s family on, the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change.

The petition was started last week by Andre’s uncle, Jason Andrews. The original video included graphic footage of Andre being shot and killed outside of the Los Angeles nightclub where the murder occurred. The edited footage focuses on the fight that preceded the murder and on identifying the suspect in the case, who is now in police custody.

As the campaign took off, advertisements from 25 brands including Chase, Toyota, and H&R Block were removed from the video page after petition signers took to Twitter over the weekend, asking dozens of brands to drop their support for TMZ. As of today, no ads remain on the video page.

“TMZ’s sensationalistic coverage of a regular teenager’s tragic murder added salt to the wound for our family,” said Andrews. “At the same time, we appreciate the support that has poured in from people across the country. While we’re disappointed that TMZ ever made the decision to post this video and we still believe TMZ owes our family an apology for the pain they caused us, we’re glad to see that the video has been edited due to the pressure from our petition on”

Lowe was reportedly shot and killed early in the morning on Sunday, January 13, 2013, after a fight that began inside a nightclub in Los Angeles and spilled into the streets outside. Lowe’s family says that TMZ posted video of Andre being shot and lying on the pavement even before they received word from the hospital about whether Andre would survive his injuries.

Full list of advertisers who have removed their ads:


Lens Crafters










National Geographic




USA Network

If By Phone:


Sony Music/A$AP ROCKY

Shop At Home

Comedy Central




H&R Block

(Photo: EURWeb)

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2 thoughts on “TMZ Pressured into Removing Video of the Murder of Andre Lowe

  1. Alayne Housley on said:

    Though it may be insensitive it is freedom of speech. That video could have been a good piece of evidence to track down the killer(s). Its sickening with all this youth violence an black on black crime in the world!!!

  2. TMZ, is not the best for getting News and events Correct anyway,, It is a shame that they would post
    such a heinous crime on any kind of website, because it only causes more pain, for our young people and families and friends, specially if it is someone of color, its very Ignorant on there part, I think we have enough of awful things to look at everyday, on the streets, and Television,and even in the white house, we see corruption everyday, and this young man,family does need to be reminded
    about there sons death, so please. stop trying to get your ratings up, and stop trying to Captilize on some youngs man death, we are seeing enough of our young black die enough, by the hands of others,
    and you have the Nerve to post the video,, I can tell you this is really the end times, THe Horrible times, so I hope you Apologize to this family, and start being a little more compassionate when you, decide to post something, ( Get your lives together),,,, and your minds,,,

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