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In the season finale of “Tia & Tamera,” the ladies close out the show with the birth of Tamera’s baby, Aden, who was welcomed to the world in November.

But the birthing process didn’t go as planned.

Tamera wanted to have her baby boy naturally, but he didn’t come at the expected arrival date. As a result, she went through 15 hours of labor and later a C-section.

“All of my thoughts, what I wanted. All of that went all out the window. I just wanted him to be healthy,” said Tamera whose hours of labor caused her to run a fever-something her unborn baby didn’t really appreciate.

“I have a temperature of 100.6. The baby is not responding well to that now. He’s losing oxygen,” Tamera explained to Sister 2 Sister.

But after it was all over and she saw that her boy was healthy and normal, she rejoiced and marinated in the bliss of new motherhood.

“You forget all the pain, the uncomfortableness. You forget all of that when you see such an amazing, beautiful gift,” she said.

(Photo: EURweb)

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4 thoughts on “Tamera Mowry-Housley Talks About the Birth of Her Son and What Went Wrong

  1. Amber3 on said:

    Alayne, also, his family could have had your relatives as slaves and when your relatives were free, the slaves took on the slave owners last name. It does not mean you are related just because you have the last name. your family can research it. My family have a rare last name that came from the slave owner but we are not related to them.

  2. Alayne Housley on said:

    Tamera your husband has same last name as mine and I wonder if we related. They say we all have caucasian relatives down the line…im just saying because Housley is not common last name.

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