DETROIT (AP)- Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will spend the weekend in prison on a parole violation.

In a news release issued Friday morning, Michigan Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan says Kilpatrick was charged with 14 counts of violating his parole. When given the opportunity to waive the formal parole violation process and serve three days at a Detroit lockup, he agreed.

According to Marlan, the ex-mayor is to report to the Detroit Reentry Center Friday afternoon and be released from custody early Monday.

Kilpatrick is on parole for a 2008 state conviction for obstruction of justice and still owes Detroit $855,000 in restitution. He’s required to report gifts and other income as a condition of his parole, something officials say he has failed to do on a number of occasions.


(Photo: AP)

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4 thoughts on “Kwame Kilpatrick to Spend Weekend in Prison Over Parole Violation

  1. on said:

    Why Tom, why????? Detroit has many other things to be concerned with beside a young man that has served his time in jail. 1) Murder 2) home invasions 3) rapes to name a few. Those resources could be put to better use rather than putting him in jail for a weekend. I wish they would leave him alone, if he from another ethnic group he would have been given a second and a third chance!!!!! The civil rights activist should be outraged with how rampant crime is in Detroit!!!!!

  2. kinniemiki on said:

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  3. Debbie on said:

    I know his mother is saddened!!!She probably invested a lot of money into his education to get him where he is today, jail…..

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