Well guys, it’s been a political week. President Obama was inaugurated and sworn in for the second and now he’s working to define his legacy.

And while this is very big news, it’s certainly not the only ground breaking political news involving African Americans and the White House these days.

Because every Thursday night there’s at least one other politically-savvy African American who pretty much runs the White House and the President from her infamous damage-control firm in DC.


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One thought on “Stephanie Robinson: Scandalous Politics

  1. Sandal is a great show, Kerry Washington is awesome. She’s will have a strong following for a long time during Thursday nights , just like the Cosby show did in the 80’s. To address your 21st black character question between Cosby and Pope, I believe it’s long overdue to see black dynamic characters in a primetime television show. For so long I believe black characters and or people of color (Latino and Asian included) have been pigeonholed into a one dimensional character(s). This is a character(s) who doesn’t have any depth and who never changes or grows during the course of the story.

    More importantly your question elevates a concern; I think its unfortunate we would need to choose between a Cosby and Pope. I think in retrospect your question highlights our lack of respectable variety of television programs comprising of strong, dynamic, brilliant black characters. Instead our alternatives are debauched reality shows such as Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of Atlanta. I wish there would be similar online petition similar to Shawty Lo’s reality show for Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of Atlanta. I would be the first to sign the petition.

    But to answer your question I want to see more of (black) Pope like characters on primetime television. Multi-dimensional characters.

    Keep up the great work Stephanie Robinson!!! Your awesome!!!

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