First Lady Michelle Obama was captured on video rolling her eyes in response to something House Speaker John Boehner said to her husband President Obama at the Inaugural luncheon yesterday morning.

No word on what the conversation was about but people are loving the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama stands by her husband!

Do you think Mrs. Obama rolled her eyes? What do you think the conversation was about?

9 thoughts on “First Lady Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes at House Speaker John Boehner (Video)

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  2. Boehner as Barrack if he wanted to go smoke a cigarette after lunch before the parade starts….. you know the president has been trying to ‘quit’ for the last 4 years. Michelle’s like, oh great here we go…

    my one and half cents

  3. No she did no such thing she was eating and looked up at him while he did his introduction and looked back down at her food. Some people will do anything to try and make them (President Obama and his wife Michelle) look as though they are angry black people, but truth be told how many viewers caught Speaker John Boehner the angry look on his face during the entire Inauguration of President Obama with the red beat face????? or does that not constitutes as hate/angry or a couple eye rolls from him??? But of course the persons filming have a problem with her being the BLACK First Lady at the table. So they decided to make a comment about what they perceived to be an eye roll…. So for clarification if something was said and I am sure it wasn’t let those who think ignorant thoughts make an ass of them self she is indeed OUR FIRST LADY!!! OOPS did I say second term??? By us posting and reposting the ignorance makes us just as guilty. So please people if there is something negative about our President or First Lady let’s not repost I am quite sure President and First Lady can handle the media/press themselves without us adding fuel to the fire.

  4. That wasn’t an eye roll, maybe just an overlook….Michelle is from the hood like most of us are who are on this website….He would have known if he got the real eye roll because his ass would have gotten up and moved!!! He should feel blessed that was all he got they way he smiles in her husbands face and then stabs him in the back….

  5. Serpentine on said:

    Not an eye roll at all. On another site, you see more than what’s shown in the video on this site. Pres Obama said something to Boehner (probably about the food), Boehner responded (probably about the food) that’s why he tapped Michele on her left arm, while looking down at her plate or the table. The pres made another comment and Boehner again responded, probably saying something funny…(see President Obama laugh afterwards, and Michele SHH…like really guys?) She probably wanted to laugh when he tapped her the first time but couldn’t because she had food in her mouth. Sorry media. No story here. She’s not the mean angry black woman YOU want people to think she is..

    • On your last line, “She’s not the angry black woman You want people to think she is…”, I think you are right on! I have been thinking that the Media and America in general, have not believed they are truly the “Black” people we have seen FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS! It’s as if, since this is his last term and he doesn’t have to worry about re-election, that suddenly thier “blackness” that they have been hiding will suddenly come out. Have they kept some of their personal ideologies to themselves? Absolutely? Will the Pres address some new issues? Certainly, that’s politics. Is there some undercover Blackness waiting to “rear its ugly head”? Funny!

    • Twinspock on said:

      ITA, it looks like she was either agreeing with them or trying not to laugh at what they were saying. You can see her doing a little head shake, maybe he asked her a question while she was putting food in her mouth, or maybe they both were joking at her expense.

      Men, sometimes you all like to clown on us when you get together!!!

      Nothing to see here!!

      I am glad they were all enjoying themselves, relaxing b4 they actually get back to work.

      Now Eric CANTor on the other hand, ugh…..

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