The TJMS reacts to commentator Tavis Smiley’s comments about President Obama not being the fulfillment of MLK’s dream.

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9 thoughts on “The TJMS Reacts to Tavis Smiley’s Obama Comments

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  2. floyd son on said:

    Somehow I can’t recall the benefit, other than lip service, that we get each day from Smiley or West. Their modern day persona reaks the same as the Samuel L. Jackson character in Django. They really can’t wait to tell massa what that ole black president is doin’…

    The good thing is that President Obama doesn’t have to answer to either one of them. My daddy needs to be my daddy at home. President Obama is not my daddy, my pastor, or my version of Martin Luther King, Jr. He is the President of the entire United States and there are more than enough folks hating on that fact that he’s not in anyone’s pocket and the greater majority of the public is more in tune with his hope for them than many of the repubs and certainly the likes of these two educated fools.

  3. marileeza on said:

    In an earlier comment someone named Felicia asked if I really believed that the West-Smiley confrontation was sincere, rather than for the purpose of selling books. I say this: West as well as Smiley were selling books long before Obama became President and even before he chose not to attend the State of Black American-type conferences that they were engaged in developing. These men have always been outspoken and have been known for expressing their opinions for decades. Let the record show that they both railed out against other Presidents before President Obama too.

    Moreover, when President Obama came out in his Second term State of the Union message and finally made open mention of raising the impoverished of this country (for the first time directly from my experience — and I listen carefully throughout his administration), I could do nothing more than give the credit for the impetus to Dr. West and Tavis Smiley as well as any others who brought this matter to his consciousness in a more forceful manner.

    In like manner, this is the first time that President Obama has made such public support of the environmental and climate needs of the country. I have to give much credit to Van Jones and many other organizations that have been promoting this essential concern for several years now. And they will not be standing on their laurels. One of the largest demonstrations will be taking place this weekend for this purpose. Plans are on the way to keep the pressure on now and in the future. I can’t count how many petitions I have signed for this very purpose.

    We as a people must learn that these strivings, admonishments, and pleas are simply a part of the political process. Just as the lobbysts are constantly at work to affect changes in legislation, then we as a people must not simply stand idly by smiling, grinning and “skinning” in admiration or adulation; we have a greater part to play to affect positive change in our society through our first African-American President. I believe President Obama will finally appreciate our purposes in the end if we are constant, consistent, and clear.

    For those in the religious community, your Bible tells us that those that the Lord loveth, he chastises. Let’s just hope that there will finally be understanding from the chastisement that comes forth from the tongues of Smiley and West, and that the President will become a better leader as a result of it. As for the rest of us, we might think about praying that it will all be accomplished in the end according to His Plan, and that unification will be restored among us all as a people. For the horrendous expressions that many have provide here are just a promotion of evil and not for the good of us all. Think about it. We can all learn much from this situation we find ourselves in. Peace and Blessings.

  4. Tavis Smily . . . . & some of others . . . who is public & openly . . . keep attacking . . . President Barack Obama ….for one agenda . . . theirs! . . . . This kind of stuff is still . . in some of our D.N.A., . . .I will pray. . . my prayers up! . . . Wipe (from my mind)…….Flush (to keep it movig) . . . . Most of us will continue to be proud of both Men (Dr M.L.King & President Barack Obama) is one of us!

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  6. Carolyn P. Carson on said:

    This comment is in reference to commentator Travis Smily’s comment about President Obama and the fulfillment of MLK’s dream. I must say that I agree with Mr. Smily, President Obama is not the fulfillment of MLK’s dream, he is a small part of MLK’s dream, but in no way is he the fulfillment of that dream. Racism continues to exist, poverty continues to exist, and wars continue to exist, all the things that Dr. King fought to eradicate, continues to exist. I don’t see anyone, today, including President Obama, walking in Dr. King’s shoes. I don’t see anyone fighting the same fight as Dr. King.

    And I think your show belittled the seriousness of Travis Smily’s comment, really, is it about his lack of hair? I know laughter should be the best medicine for the craziness in this world, but there are some things that are not a laughing matter, Mr. J. Anthony Brown!!!!!!! And I am not talking about hair or the lack of hair. Dr. King knew that God was the answer, and until we as a nation, we as a race, and we as simply people, realize that God is the answer, we will continue to fight an uphill battle, and a war that will never be won.

    • Thank you Carolyn Carson for your astute assessment of the situation on the true purpose of the Smiley and West commentary involving the lack of concentration on racial discrimination as well as the needs of the impoverished on the part of President Obama. Moreover, I commend your courage for putting the entire TJMS on blast for their promotion of disdain in the Black community against the sincere purposes for which West and Smiley speak out. As much as we love the TJMS, they must own their part in fostering division among us instead of bringing us together in this respect. Even though I concur that West got it wrong on his opinion of the use of the King Bible, he is quite right on many, many other points of view of this administration — as much as I still love, voted for and commend the President on many of his achievments. Nevertheless, now that he has his second term, I for one am expecting to see that greater accomplishments should be made or at least brought to the forefront and fought for. I am also hopeful that President Obama will heed the words of these two intellectuals as well as others who feel the need to keep his “feet to the fire” — just as long as it all is done “In Love.” And that is what West actually espouses as his motivation when I heard him speak nearly a month ago. I for one choose to believe him.

      • floyd son on said:

        I sometimes listen to the TJMS and have come to believe they are mostly a “common sense” group. That said, I think they probably believe similar to me in that the President has to represent to entire nation regardless of the “not so minority” of it that he appears to belong to. All black folk don’t empathize, sympathize or stand for the same things. I think Chris Rock said, “even ni__as don’t like ni__as”…

        You can best believe that God’s plan will prevail in the end… the problem is what we do in the meantime, according to His word, to support our leaders. Check your Bible, if you are a believer, and you’ll see that you should pray for your leaders, you should give to Ceasar what is his, and are to serve as if unto God, not man.

        Let Tavis and Cornell swirl that around in their mouths before they swallow it and then shut-up with the criticisms and do something that benefits other than themselves. I’m jus’ sayin’…

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