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Companies are constantly outsourcing jobs to other countries but have you heard of an individual who outsourced his own job?

Well for one top programmer at an unidentified US firm did just that. The man who is being identified as “Bob” outsourced his job to China for a fifth of his six-figure salary.

A fifth of Bob’s salary is approximately $50,000.

Reportedly, the man instead of working, would spend his time on the news site Reddit, the shopping site eBay, and on YouTube watching videos of cats.

Bob’s company was able to learn of this after they hired Verizon to run a routine security check on their software where it was noticed that someone from China was regularly logging into their system.

The company was able to link the log-in details from China to Bob’s computer.  They later found out it was a Chinese consulting firm who was hired by “Bob” to create computer programs.

“Bob” was fired for his actions.