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That torture scene in last week’s episode of “Scandal?” Yeah, it didn’t sit well with the Parents Television Council.

The watchdog group is criticizing ABC for not giving the Jan. 10 episode the proper rating. In the episode, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is arrested under the Patriot Act and accused of attempting to assassinate President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) — a crime for which he is not guilty. Huck is water boarded and beaten nearly to death in an attempt to get a confession out of him.

“The brutal nature of that scene, which was rated as appropriate for a 14-year-old child, refutes statements made by an industry claiming to be responsible and concerned about societal violence,” the PTC said in a statement Monday.

The episode of the political drama from creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes had a content advisory at the beginning of the broadcast. But calling the three-minute scene “intense, explicit and bloodied,” the heads-up wasn’t enough for the advocacy group.

“It is sickening just how quickly the entertainment industry was able to move past the tragedy of Newtown and get back to business as usual,” said PTC president Tim Winter.

The PTC particularly singles out the timing of the episode, coming on the same day entertainment industry representatives met with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss curbing gun violence in the wake of the Newtown school shooting.

The episode marked Season 2 ratings high for the Kerry Washington-starring drama.

The organization also spotlighted ABC Entertainment chief Paul Lee for his remark that the network’s “job is always to get a sense of what the culture is feeling.” After detailing the waterboading and facial attack scene, the PTC asked, “is this what Mr. Lee believes the culture is feeling? And does he feel this material is appropriate for a 14-year old child?”

The PTC says it is calling on the Obama administration to get behind an effort for “real responsibility from those who produce and distribute violent media content as well as real reform of the failed TV ratings system.”

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12 thoughts on “Advocacy Group Blasts ABC for ‘Scandal’ Torture Scene

  1. Racial oppression, a black star, a black writer, great ratings, the whickos need something to attack. All the violence on TV and this is the best they can come up with. I guess Truth really hurts.

  2. Only001 on said:

    THANK YOU – THANK YOU – AND – THANK YOU! Unfortunately it took the CT violence to put the spotlight on the need to make some changes in the industry. As a STONG BLACK WOMEN I totally support Kerri Washington’s character (Olivia Pope) as a Crisis Manager. Well, here is an issue where life needs to imitate art-America is at a CRISIS with the explicit violence deemed ‘entertainment’. I hardly believe those affected by acts of horrendous violence select programming that depicts similar acts-I invite any survivor or family member of violence to correct me, if I am wrong. I was quite disturbed by the ‘family/pet murder’ on the eve of the CT incident, having since decided to ‘opt-out’ of the programming going forward. For me,it WAS this one scene that did it for me; not the Homosexuality, nor the “Mistress’ role of the lead character; albeit, both being undesirable plot lines for my taste.

    Wanting nothing short of the best for Ms Washington and Ms Rimes (Black Women ROCK); I cannot support this show or others like it (as a result I have very little to watch). Yes, Racism and Bias is ALIVE and WELL in the US; and rather right or wrong we, as African Americans/Blacks should hold ourselves to a higher standard, always remembering the same outcomes for US does not apply to them, nor, is some instances should we even want it to. A simply look at the BAW news and within our own communities we can see the direct impact guns and violence has on our lives.

    I totally agree with Euroweb, it was poor timing to come right back with more carnage while AMERICA is still grieving the loss of so many. Oh, but that’s OK right cause “girl my favorite show just came on-Gotta go”?! REALLY PEOPLE. And no, I do not live in a box, la-la land, Fantasy Island, or any other locale other than the USA of America. Thank you Mr. President for taking steps to curb some of the incessant violence.

  3. Whathappenedtogoodtv on said:

    People it doesn’t just have to do with 14 year olds……..Nor is it a lets get Shonda Champaign……I am a huge fan of the show and I could have definitely enjoyed it just as much as I do every week without the torture scenes……………

  4. Cris W. on said:

    Realy?! Seriousy?! Sooo, it did not bother the Advocacy Group when the show Scandal showed a romantic kissing scene between two gay male lovers?! It did not care when they showed a bloody scene of a slaughtered family. They had no problem with a scene showing a room full of gun toting assassins which included one of them getting shot in the head?! Nor did they have a problem showing a scene where THE PRESIDENT GET’S SHOT?!?! But NOW they have a problem showing a waterboarding and beating scene?! Really?! Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds and South Park had better watch out!! SMH?!?!

  5. Arlisha on said:

    I’m sorry but I’ve seen worse than this on tv…have you seen some of the scenes on shows where couples are having sex or shooting at one another? While I agree it was violent but at 10:00 pm none of our kids better not be up watching television that late on a school night. Even if the rating says 14 and up, if it has a rating like that or on after 9:00 pm, kids still shouldn’t be up watching it anyway!

  6. Im getting this strange feeling that they,re feeling a tad jealous of kerry,s character so they have to come up with something to draw some negative attention. heck I watch cartoon that is way more violent than this water facing. ive seen the cartoon characters geared towards children in broad daylight so violent i have to shake my head. cartoon characters chasing their enemies with hammers, buldozers, flattening their enemies till they see stars and these are what five to eight yr olds are watching.

  7. waterboarding and facial attack, are these people serious, I thought it was a scene where someone was gunned down or something like that. why are they linking this to the sandy victims who died from a gun with a fictional character, waterboarding and facial attack scene, this made no sense, the way they described it you would think that it was shonda who killed those sandy victims, these people are proper dunces.

  8. I knew the minute they found out that shonda was a black woman they would start to witch hunt her down. good golly my 12 yr old cant even access his facebook without porn pictures plastered over it. this is what these stupid people should be more worried about, peodophile men and women on facebook secretly pushing porn on children.

  9. EnoughAlready on said:

    It cleary states viewer discretion is advised at the beginning of the program. Many episodes before this it explains itself as a very controversial and adult themed show. If your 14 year old has a delicate personality then you should not let them watch any of it. This is a depiction of what our government is up to “behind” the scenes and for you to be upset and putting your head in the sand is the sad part. Your 14 yr old has heard ,said and seen worst things in his/her life than we did at the same age. Get over your self pity and stop with the witch hunting for your personal litigation attempts.

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