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Finally, they’ve reached the point most knew was just on the horizon.

Awkwardly strange couple Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson have parted ways and the former pageant winner is over it.

“No one should settle for a relationship for the sake of being in one. Once I moved to Atlanta the relationship was flushed out. I saw Walter for who he really is and his intentions were false. I’m glad it’s over,” she told

Or she’s just delusional and refused to see where the relationship was headed – oblivion.

Kenya claims, however that he’s the bad guy in this whole thing, saying they are no longer in contact and that he’s “not a good person.”

In her Bravo blog, “Good Riddance, Walter,” she discussed her relationship history, explaining that she was always the one not to commit. But as she tried so desperately to break her habits with Walter, it turned out the roles were reversed.

“I was so focused on making the relationship work that I lost the one important counsel that I always give to other women: Look to a man’s actions and not his words. I am embarrassed but I hope that all women can learn from the mistakes I’ve made in love.”

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