Sean “Jay-Z” Carter had everyone’s tongues wagging after he unexpectedly posted a photo of his daughter Blue Ivy on their last day of vacation in the Bahamas.

The hip-hop mogul posted the photo to his “Life & Times” site with the caption:

“Last day of vacation, playing UNO.”

The shadowy photo of course does not show Blue’s face but it did give a glimpse into her ultra glamorous life as she sat in a huge living room with a pool, palm trees, and stunning blue ocean in the background as she played UNO or more like crumpled up some UNO cards…must be nice!

Blue Ivy has been out of the womb for a little over a year now but it seems like most of her time has been spent under a blanket or in the shadows.

It seems like Jay-Z and Beyonce do not plan on showing her face willingly anytime soon but for any of you fans who need a fix, here is the latest Blue Ivy tease below, note the curly-fro!


Check out more photos of Blue Ivy in her gallery below.

18 thoughts on “Blue Ivy Unveiled…Kind Of (Photo Inside)

  1. who cares!!! let talk about something esle like unemployment in our country, and how we can change our culture, to be better, not what bey’s baby looks like,, you right its not that serious, women have babies everyday so what,, and some of them through them in the trash,, our society will keep there dogs ,, but they will throw-away a baby,, so lets try to change our culture and the way we think,
    our young black kids, are having problems, with dealing with depression, suicide, death drugs,
    school, so lets stop and think about something else,,, stay blessed and stay encouraged, and stay wise,,,

  2. May be the baby is just a mud duck to bouncy and mr phoney.
    The baby must be sooo repulsive and she can’t bare to show the public the hideous creation she and faker hubby made within or outter her body.

    She is building people up now to prove in the future this kid was let down and not up to the carter knowles par. poor kid now and in the future.
    folks will stop caring soon enough.

  3. I think u a great mom n u doing right..U get tired of being in the public eyes. God has bless yall n yall dnt hve to prove nothing to nobody protect ur baby she so young.

  4. I lost all respect for jay-z and beyonce I feel they took there stardom to a whole nother level,who they think they are michael jackson,not.

  5. DENISE on said:


  6. I agree with Liz and truthurts. Beyonce loves to show her body and if she were really pregnant, she would have put her bare baby bump on the front of every magazine she could. It’s ok if they had a surrogate or an adoption, but at least be honest about it. It’s an insult to every woman who really went through real pregnancy. And as Liz and Truthhurts said; stop with the shadow photos!

  7. I think that Beyonce and Jay-Z are being very protective parents and I applaud them for this. No one needs to know what their daughter looks like. Blue Ivy should have an opportunity to enjoy her life as much as possible without papparazi and stalkers. Michael Jackson was talked about because of how he kept masks on his children when they were out and about but I bet they enjoyed more freedom when they were out on their own then what they have now since they have become ‘unveiled’ Keep her covered Beyonce, she is your child and I for one understand and applaud you. I would do the same

    • Yep! We hate when people treat us like we’re horses, running after a carrot being held in front of our faces. How many hours of pleasure do you think Joe Camel and his wifey get out of thinking about you sitting at the computer, salivating over what little tidbits they throw your way to keep you coming back for that next little glimpse? If not being facinated by smoke and mirrors and tired, overexposed entertainers, who put themselves above everyone else is hatin’, then yep, I’m a hater.

  8. Cover up is what Beyonce is all about. Surrogate mother? A 60lb weight loss when no pictures has ever shown her with that much weight to lose. No pregnancy pictures. Beyonce wants exposure, ie GQ magazine cover, singing at the inauguration, super bowl etc., If she doesn’t want to share her baby and other details about her life, stay out of the spotlight. There are other singers, ie., Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Faith Evans, etc who could sing at the Inauguration. The world is about as tired of Beyonce as them damn Kardashians.

    • truthhurts on said:

      You could not have said it any better. Children and birth are beautiful things for those who truly experience them and share them. We are tired of the malarkey associated with this act and would prefer they take Blu and themselves and go into hiding forever.

    • Some of you haters are really crazy. The only people who are tired of Beyonce are the few bloggers who for some reason click on every article about her to write negative comments. Otherwise most people are too busy living their lives to be sick of Beyonce. And that’s all she is doing by the way, living her life as an entertainer and celebrity. It’s her choice to fully, kinda, or not show her baby at all. If you don’t like it don’t look. And I’ve seen several photos of Beyonce when she was pregnant, she gained weight in her face just like most pregnant women. She was huge at the end but pretty much ‘all baby’. Anyway, many people like to hear her sing and watch her perform on stage. I think the President made excellent choices with her and Kelly Clarkson, two of today’s solid vocalists.

  9. This is getting really old and tired. For whatever their reasons are, they are not going to show a complete and clear picture of her so PLEASE STOP with the so called “updates”. I’m sure she’s a cutie pie but aside from the fact that Beyonce and JayZ are her parents, she’s no more precious, cute, special than any other child. Either show her or stop with the cloudy, dark, far away, covered up pictures. .

  10. cldoubleu on said:

    I appreciate the updates on Blue Ivy but PLEASE stop posting “pictures” of her where we can not SEE her! If this were back in the day and we had regular cameras we’d throw pictures like these away. Come on now! Is it really that serious?

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