We’ve seen this all before. And it’s hard to believe that, more than 50 years later, we’re seeing it again.

We saw it in Virginia in 1958 when segregationist lawmakers opted to shut down the entire public school system of Prince Edward County, Va., rather than allow black students to attend school with white students.

Those schools remained closed until 1964.

We saw it again in 2011, when anti-tax Tea Party congressmen, driven by an obsession with undermining the nation’s first black president and a woeful ignorance of macroeconomics, drove the country to the brink of default by refusing to allow him to raise the debt ceiling.

No matter that their hero, Ronald Reagan, raised the ceiling 18 times and George W. Bush raised it seven times.

While an agreement was finally reached, the political dysfunction on display led Standard and Poor’s – one of the top three credit rating organizations – to downgrade the United States’ credit rating from AAA to AA+.

For the first time ever.

Now, those same anti-tax zealots are about to take the country over the edge again – the edge this time being the fiscal cliff.

And apparently, they don’t care about that – as long as President Obama goes over the edge with it.

Some patriots they are.

According to the Associated Press, a number of Tea Party activists are cheering House Speaker John Boehner’s failure to persuade his fellow House members to agree to a compromise on averting the fiscal cliff – a series of automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect on Jan. 1.

Among other things, the cliff will lead to the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, as well as the Earned Income Tax Credit and increases in payroll and income taxes. Defense spending would be cut as well –and many economists have warned that going over the cliff could lead to another recession, and possibly another credit downgrade.

But apparently the Tea Party folks, who won’t agree to any compromise that raises taxes on the rich in spite of the fact that without an agreement, virtually everyone will be hit with steep cuts and tax increases, don’t see that.

They don’t see the American people suffering as much as they see them as collateral damage in their war to take out Obama.

Said South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly: “If it takes us going off a cliff to convince people of the mess we’re in, then so be it.

“We have a president who is a whiner. He has done nothing but blame President Bush. It’s time to make President Obama own this economy.”

Christine Morabito, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party, told AP that “sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better,” and that Republicans need to unite against Obama.

“It looked like from the very beginning they [the GOP] were just going to cave in to what President Obama wanted,” said Morabito. “I didn’t want that to happen. Now I’m hopeful that they’re standing up for taxpaying Americans.”

Both Connelly and Morabito are clueless.

The way to stand up for taxpaying Americans, in fact, all Americans, is to insure that they don’t have to endure more taxes because of political intransigence.

Yet the comments by these tea partiers and others reveal what their real mission is. Their mission is to punish the entire country for re-electing Obama; to make people pay for the sin of rejecting their politics of racial resentment and putting the black man back in the White House.

There are lessons here, of course.

One is an old one for the Republicans who welcomed the Tea Party-backed lawmakers into the fold but are now worried that their extremism may lead to the party’s further weakening: Be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it.

The other is for voters who sat out the 2010 midterm elections that ushered in this wave of Tea Party Republicans who may now send the country crashing over the fiscal cliff: When you don’t vote, extremists get elected.

Extremists who, like the racist Virginia lawmakers more than 50 years ago, want to preserve their sense of privilege and supremacy at the expense of progress for everyone else.

Whether that progress is for a school system or, for that matter, an entire country.

(Photo: AP)

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12 thoughts on “Tea Party Brings Out the Mean, Bad, and Ugly Over Fiscal Cliff

  1. ulimately on said:

    Love how the Tea Partiers are racist because they know a fraud when they see one. The man is half white…………..HELLO……………he is half white…………………….HELLO BLACK America. You are the ones that are racist as you have to define yourselves as “Black” Americans. I say go over the cliff. By the time the dust settles, the ones that don’t work will now have to buck up to pay for themselves or find a “rich white” man/woman to continue giving them private handouts…NOT. The handouts are about to end. That is really what this fiscal cliff means. Hurray.

  2. Why is okay to quote that people want free stuff and welfare? Yet when the same issue is brought up that these things are happening because of race it’s being racist or a whole lot of hate? Noone in this country can accept the truth for what it is,and it is what it is. You have people who abuse the system but not everyone who needs help from the government does this. On the other hand you have persons on here cheering on the rich, who for years have paid little taxes towards the growth and revenue of this country, they have been living off the government but thats alright,they are entitled. What rich person are you going to go to (and it can happen), when you might need some assistance like your medicare or your social security these are the main entitlements they want to get rid of. Oh and the school system that all of us that are posting here are too familiar with. Are you going to be able to send your children to a private school, they may not be any better than a public school with the use of vouchers. Using the same teachers and principals that are already in the system, well this be better for your children. Not raising the minimum wage after 15 years or more. With this tactic the rich get richer, the middle class and the poor gets just that poorer.

  3. Frank Irvin II on said:

    Standard procedure. “You don’t negoiate with the enemy”. The President is the enemy of the Tea Party. This was their plan all along.

  4. lawrence johnson on said:

    It is class warfare.It is abattle between thows who want to cut sosiol security an medicare from the people who worked for fifty years.An thows who want to support seven generations of illegitimate mothers an illegitmate kids an there baby daddys who get snap ,food stamps,medicaid an section eight housing.Now a days these illegitimate mothers are also getting all the habitat for humanity homes to.

    • D’Carlo…he did offer a good deal, and they don’t want it…Lawrence Johnson, that is the most gross spelling and use of the English language…Did you finish school…talk about ignorant…jeezzz

  5. Pingback: DISCUSSION: Tea Party Brings Out The Mean, Bad, And Ugly Over Fiscal Cliff | Praise 1300

  6. D'Carlo on said:

    MP that was a whole lot of hate. I asked a serious question. And all you got for me was a racist rant with no solution. Thanks for nothin.

  7. Why don’t the gop offer a deal they can’t refuse they won’t because they are not worried about the little they are just worried about their pockets Ronald Reagan raise the ceiling 18 times and George Bush 7 times where was the tea party then they did not care we know why they are so mad now because they can’t take it that a Black Man is running the USA and not one of their good ol boys pal well get over yourself and President Obama give them Hell and House speaker stay out of the bar because everytime he is on tv it look like he just came out of the bathroom drinkin and he look like he hate the president which we know deep down they do but too bad he is running your house the White House 4 more years. Go President Obama

  8. D'Carlo on said:

    Why doesn’t President Obama just offer them a deal that they can’t refuse. This way we don’t go over the cliff and we can work out our differences later.

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