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KimberyDeiss created various Google apps with the intent of making people laugh and have fun, but after one facial restructuring app hit too close to home for some Americans; people are demanding the app is pulled.

The ‘Make Me Asian’ app changes the shape of your eyes, adds a Fu Manchu mustache and a rice paddy hat to a person’s uploaded image.

According to the application description, it can make you look Korean, Chinese, or “any other Asian.”

Many people are up in arms saying that the app is defaming cultures and promoting hate speech while using stereotypes to describe groups of people.

The same maker also creates other apps that can “make you look” Russian, Irish, and Native American.

As of now, the app is still on the Google Play site, Google says it only pulls apps after they violate their policies.

What do you think of the app? What if there were a ‘Make be Black’ app?