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Concert promoter Patrick Allocco says he was taken hostage at gunpoint and held for ransom, because Nas was a no-show for a gig in Africa.

He is now suing the rapper for $10 million big ones, reports TMZ.

Allocco is claiming that he was held as ransom by Angolan promoters and their “henchmen” because they wanted their cash back. He was finally released in February 2012.

According to a new federal lawsuit filed Friday, Allocco wants the rapper to pay for what happened to him. Specifically, he claims he was was held captive for 50 days — during which time he says he was beaten and threatened constantly.

Allocoo is suing Nas for $10 million, claiming he suffered psychologically, physically and financially. He claims that while stuck in Angola, he was unable to conduct business … and as a result lost his home and his company.

TMZ says they reached out to Nas, but so far he hasn’t responded.

(Photo: EURWeb)