Proving that stupidity and compassion don’t take days off, racists had no problem exposing themselves to the world Sunday night when President Obama‘s appearance in Newtown, Connecticut to pay tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, interrupted the Sunday night game between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots on NBC.

As you can see below from the screenshots, the profanity-laced tweets included racial epithets against the president. In fact, one of the racially charged tweets can from a University of North Alabama (UNA) football player who is no longer on the team, according to officials.

Bradley Patterson tweeted, “Take that n****r off the TV, we want to watch some football.”

After Patterson’s tweet, Mark Linder, the school’s Athletic Director, sent out his own saying, “Thx 2 everyone who brought to our attention. @UNAAthletics does not condone. He is no longer a member of the team.”

Below is Patterson’s Tweet and several others., among many.


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5 thoughts on “Racist Obama Tweets Explode Over Football Preemption for Newtown Speech

  1. I say consider the source. Look at who sent the tweets, white men who can accept a black man throwing a football on a field but cannot stand a black man running the country. Yes, he is the President. Yes, he can interrupt your regularly scheduled program.

  2. PinkPoodle on said:

    Those poor babies, ages 5 to 10, did not deserve to die on that Killing Field. I believe their deaths were caused by the racist rhetoric on certain blogs and the hatred overtone spewed during this last election. There are so many people out there with loose screws in their heads; all it takes to push them over the edge is to hear more racist and hatred words from the crowd.

    Sadly, we can expect more of these types of crimes, with no rhyme or reasoning, to occur. Today’s headline, “Man Fires 50 Shots in Mall Parking Lot” in Newport Beach, California. Investigators have no motive. Right after the election, Headline reads: “Pregnant Woman Runs Over Husband For Not Voting.”

    These just a few of ticking timed bombs that went off, there are more lurking in our sewers.

  3. That’s exactly why I go to work, do my job and go home. Some of these people are the same ones who smile in your face and have the nerve to ask why you don’t want to attend the company Christmas party or hang out after work.

  4. Davis Jones on said:

    Most of those racist folks are cowarts…They stand behind those tweets and post…Bet any of them won’t say that to a black person face!!!!

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