Comedian Loni Love is still among the funniest women in the business and because of that’s she’s in demand around the country. She steps into the Addison Improv this weekend bringing along her bag of comedy gifts.  The Detroit native must have loved how she felt on a comedy stage as she gave up a potentially lucrative and stable career as an electrical engineer to hold down the nation’s standup stages. It has paid off for Love – the former “Star Search” runner-up has enjoyed a solid career and is now a recurring guest on the E! talk show “Chelsea Lately.”

Love attributes her success to hard work and perseverance. On her blog, she says that while it’s been a tough rough, she’s proud that she stuck it out.

“Stand up comedy is an aggressive and hostile occupation,” Love writes.“It’s low pay- sometimes no pay at all – in the beginning. I started out with alot of females in the beginning. We would have so much fun in the coffeeshops. We would go to the strip and sit in the back of the Comedy Store late into the night looking at the big time comics.  We had writing sessions; we took roadtrips.

But then life hit alot of the women.  Some fell in love and got married. Some realized that the comedy business was too hard and dropped out. Out of the group of women I came up with, I am the last one that stayed in. Females that want to be successful in stand up have to be able to balance life and their career.  It’s not impossible to do but if you want to be taken seriously in this business, you have to be serious and funny!  Learn how to balance and you will be successful.”

Love is at the Addison Improv near Dallas, Texas  this weekend through Sunday.

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