While Serena’s fans are outraged over Caroline Wozniacki’s impersonation of her, the tennis star has remained mum about the issue.

Last weekend, Wozniacki poked fun at her fellow tennis colleague at the Roger Federer Tour in Brazil by stuffing her shorts and top with padding as a nod to Williams.

The 22-year-old Danish tennis player later lost the match to Maria Sharapova.

Although Williams didn’t seem to have a problem with her friend’s twisted admiration, her fans were left confused and offended.

In an online Huffington Post poll, 40 percent of Williams’ fans believed the gesture was racist. However, 38 percent didn’t see a problem with it. Twenty-one percent of responders could not decide whether or not the stunt was offensive.

“This is an old racist trope about our supposed hypersexuality and sexual abnormality,” commented Twitter user @hazzarDeuce on the Black Voices Twitter page. “

“I know they are friends, but still, inside it does something to me, because we’ve been made fun of for so long for different parts of our bodies,” said “The View” co-host Sheri Shepherd on Tuesday. “And to see Serena Williams reduced to this, I don’t like it.”

“The View’s” Elizabeth Hasselback didn’t see anything wrong with the act.

“I think this is inside stuff that they always do,” Hasselback said.

(Photo: HelloBeautiful)

4 thoughts on “Serena Williams Remains Quiet Over Wozniacki’s Impersonation

  1. Viet. Viet on said:

    Face it, I see jealousy, not only is Serena smart, outstanding tennis player with the shape and body that not only is good on the eyes, she brings out the vivid imagination in men and thats a good thing unlike the hate in pale, no lips, no shape white girls. I can sit or stand and look at Serena all day long , I mean play tennis that is.She don’t have to say anything cause she know she looks good and I know a whole lot of people will concur.

  2. patricia on said:

    I’m not sure if it this example is racist, but the fact of the matter, is that Serena is an African American women, who’s main asset is her magnificent skill of being a great tennis player and her White female colleague is poking fun at her body. It is difficult to not look at race when you see this offensive display. African American women for so long have been chastised for their curves and body, so it can be alarming to see an alleged and friend and colleague identify Serena’s curves as a problem or in the least, the first thing that is identified when you see this awesome African American tennis player. It is very distasteful given the race climate in this country and given this white dominated sport.

  3. I don’t see it as racist, just offensive. It’s one thing if this was something done in private in front of Serena if they were playing but to go public, not cool.

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