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Before you know it the New Year will be here. I wanna chat a little about those trends in 2012 that we’d rather not take with us into 2013. Thanks to celebrities (and bloggers too) there’s a few that have been overworked, mishandled, and abused. I polled my twitter family and here’s our top 6 trends we’re planning to kill off this year–soap opera style.

Feather Accessories. Although my twitter followers all agreed I am on the fence with this trend. Depending on how it’s styled I’ve seen a few feathers on the runway that have me swooning for it. So much so, I even purchased a feather necklace. I think it’s just those darn feather earrings that rock my nerves.

False Lashes. I seriously blame the advertisement industry for creating those super unrealistic standards of long voluminous lashes. All those beauty commercials have really got some folks twisted about what’s right and wrong. Unless it’s your birthday, or a photo shoot, or you’re sporting them on the red carpet, it’s a total overkill. And don’t you hate those girls that put lashes on and think not once to apply foundation? *smacking your hand*

Jeggings. I just don’t understand them … or even why I want pockets, zippers, and exaggerated stitching on my leggings. Just buy a pair of stretch jeans, no?

Frames no lens. Sure you’re not blind like me, but they do make them with just plastic ya know. I wonder if anyone has ever poked themselves in the eye?

Basketball Wives’ Earrings. I really want to write a ‘Dear Basketball Wives-Love And Hip Hop’ post but I feel like it’s a waste. Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer and the rest of those drama queens have just created a monster that my eyes can’t handle anymore. I didn’t mind as much in the beginning. I even own a few pairs myself. Now it’s just… very ‘made in china’.

Sequins UGGS. This trend goes against every thing I believe in. The sequins material is fun, glamorous, and shiny. It’s a great evening accessories. It’s meant to be on a skirt, or a purse, or on a really sexy 5-inch stiletto or pump. But putting this material on UGGS (the UGGliest shoe alive) that’s like the tuxedo tee-shirt? Just makes no sense at all. Like, why!

I want to know which one of these trends we MUST leave behind in 2012.

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