When player Caroline Wozniacki walked back onto the tennis court sporting an obviously adjusted bust and protruding booty, onlookers were quite confused by her antics. Then it all made sense. Wozniacki, who was losing her match against Maria Sharapova, waddled like a chicklet as she held her racquet switching her bottom back and fourth. She was imitating mocking Serena Williams. Too bad she didn’t imitate Serena’s skills because she lost the Sao Paulo match 6-2 7-6.

While other sites like Guyism.com have labeled Caroline’s antics “adorable,” we don’t see the offense as such. It’s disrespectful to Serena, a professional player who has won over 15 championship titles, to be portrayed like a floozy because of her curves. It is far from cute and every bit of insulting to a black woman to be depicted like a big-booty attention whore especially when she has worked hard to maintain an image that young girls can respect! Not only has Serena established herself as a role model, she kicks butt every time she’s on the court. Never once have we seen Serena parade around the turf in the way Caroline did, so exactly what was she imitating? A stereotype?

Caroline may not have intended to offend Serena or depict the her as such but, come on, we have to be smarter than this!

Watch the stunt, here, and tell us how you feel about it in the comments!

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