JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A Jacksonville police officer has quit after admitting he told colleagues that he would volunteer to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Sam Koivisto told the Florida Times-Union on Wednesday that his comments had been blown out of proportion and that he'd planned to retire in five months anyway.

The 57-year-old retired earlier this month while facing an internal investigation into his comments to other officers after the election. He told them that if an order came to kill Obama, he "wouldn't mind being the guy."

When questioned by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office integrity unit, he said he also didn't care if a nuclear explosion killed everyone in the Northeastern U.S because they supported Obama. He told the investigators his comments were hyperbole and not actual threats.

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5 thoughts on “Police Officer Quits After Comments About Obama

  1. rsmalls on said:

    It’s truly pitiful how people have been allowed to disrespect President Obama and threaten him w/o any consequences. Even the media seldom refer to President Obama as President Obama, usually its just Obama. I am so glad he’s got 4 more; He’s got them by the @#$%S; now they are going to see what happens when you mess with a Black Man. Get with them President Obama.

  2. chaquille on said:

    Happy Thanksgiving All…I think he should be fired, lose his benefits and his pension….I am so tired of THEM with these threats, and then wanting to apologize or state that I read it incorrectly or taking it out of context….I read and comprehend very well and I am sure most of yall do too…

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    They may sound crazy but they say what they mean and mean what they say. Why let him retire they should have fired his azz. I’m sick of all the threats I know that!

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