KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — A Key West resident who police say was distraught over the presidential election results and worried about his business has apparently killed himself.

Police say they found Henry Hamilton’s body in his bedroom Nov. 8, along with a living will with handwritten words “Do not revive! (expletive) Obama!” Two empty prescription empty pill bottles were in the dining room.

Hamilton’s partner Michael Cossey told Key West police he last saw Hamilton when they watched the election results together. According to the police report, Hamilton was upset and said, “If Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around.”

Cossey says Hamilton was anxious about his tanning business. Police say Cossey found Hamilton’s body after returning home from a night of playing cards with friends.

Authorities do not suspect foul play.

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27 thoughts on “SAY WHAT: Man Commits Suicide Over Obama Win

  1. Serpentine11 on said:

    @Understandable….waa, waa, waa get some cheese with that whine. No one cares about you ranting and raving. You sound crazier than this nut case that killed himself. Have you ever thought about putting yourself out of your misery? What about your meds? Did you take them today? Wasn’t your release contingient upon you taking your Xanax? STFU and go sit down somewhere. You’ve lost it, and I’m talking about your crazy ass mind.

  2. mccarroll59 on said:

    That’s some serious hatred and extreme ignorance! Just think, some people fooled themselves into believing race had nothing to do with this election!

    Eric R. McCarroll

  3. divapat on said:

    Reading between the lines, this guy had lots of issues which may have been the real cause of his rash act. Sounds like he just used the President’s win as an excuse. Methinks, if he hadn’t won, this guy would have killed himself anyway…

  4. One would think we are reliving the Great Depression. What’s next? Are these “distraught” business persons going to jumping off of bridges and tall buildings? Michael Cossey will get an obituary notice, he is not going to make the cover of Time magazine.

  5. tslice227 on said:

    AWESOME!! Maybe this is the answer… If all the Obama haters would just kill themselves we would have a better world. Maybe this one will catch on….

  6. hotair153 on said:

    We all know this is not true. This person was suicidal way before President Obama entered the picture. People please stop using the President as a scapegoat for your problems!

  7. Sum1nice on said:

    I personally think this person did us a favor.. The Republicans should understand That No one is holding a gun to their head an making them stay here in America. Boat an Plains leave this country every day.. If they don’t like what going on here in the USA……….. LEAVE…….!

  8. I wasn’t going to post in this story, but I just couldn’t resist. You killed yourself because you didn’t like who won the election. You didn’t get your way, so you took your own life. He apparently wasn’t too mentally stable to begin with if he carried this out. This is sad. NOWHERE in the history of this country have people reacted to a President the way they have this President. I wish the media would start from the beginning of his first term up till now and highlight all of the things done and said about him. If it doesn’t SCREAM racism, I don’t know what would. I don’t want to sound unsympathetic to a lost life, but this didn’t have to be and will be in vain. It won’t change anything and will probably make things worse on his family and business. Its one thing to be a hater, but totally another to be a dumb hater!!! Sad part is this is probably only the beginning.

  9. PinkPoodle on said:

    It’s a shame this man killed himself over his fears. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends due this horrible tragedy.

    He took his life because of the re-election of President Obama. I wonder if this man was playing with a full deck before President Obama’s election. This weak-minded man listened to the fear-and-hate based campaign ran by the Romney, Ryan and the Republican Cheerleaders; he became afraid of the future and ended his life. He couldn’t wait to see how President Obama’s tax proposal would affect his business or if the tax proposal would even pass the House and Senate. FEAR won!

    FEAR IS:

    F acing
    E vents
    A ppearing
    R eal

    The hate-filled events and crazies coming out of the closets after the Presidential Election is just the beginning of what is to come each day for the next four years. The Opposition ran their campaign playing to the old, the young and weak-minded. So, do not be surprise of the unthinkable, evil, hateful events to come. This suicide was terrible but it will pale in relation to the horrible things coming. Please pray for our Country.

    Romney, Ryan and the Cheerleaders reminded me of the old Cowboy movies where one man would get the Town riled up to form a lynch mob to march to the jail to remove the prisoner to hang. Later, in the movie we discovered the lynch march leader was the Guilty one. Today’s lynch march leaders are educated, wealthy and hold key tax-paid positions.

  10. Gabbytow on said:

    What a fool! All this because Obama is a black president. I’m glad i believe in God and not in man. This man killing himself over an election was just utter stupidity.

  11. lelind98 on said:

    I feel we are giving the haters too much press. It only ignites the next hater to act out and give the media more drama to publish. Bottom line same clowns different circus. Don’t pay for the show and they go away or disappear.

  12. arlesterp on said:

    well well they really hate this man. i wonder is it because of his color. this is sending the wrong message to our young people, because we teach them to get along with each other in school, and love one another from church. its still the good old boy’s club, but we have our president.

  13. aqsartin on said:

    Well according to Darwin, the human race just got stronger because a weaker strain of DNA has been removed from the gene pool.

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