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Bose Ikard was a black slave who was born in Noxubee County, Mississippi in 1843. He was raised by the Milton Ikard family for a short time in Louisiana then moved to a cattle ranch in Texas, where he learned how to ride a horse and use a rope. Once he was freed after the Civil War, Ikard rode along with Oliver Loving until Loving was killed by the Comanche Indians. Then he hired himself out to Texas cowboy Charles Goodnight.

Both Loving and Goodnight were legacies in the Southwest. Their lives were portrayed in the 1990 movie “Lonesome Dove.” Ikard’s likeness was portrayed by actor Danny Glover.

Ikard was described as a loyal cowboy by Charles Goodnight. He served as Goodnight’s banker and trustworthy sidekick. He settled in a ranch in Weatherford, Texas and started a family of fifteen children. In 1869, Ikard participated in a battle with the Comanche Indians with his former slave owner.

After he died in 1929, Ikard’s grave was given a granite marker by the Goodnight family. Years later, he would receive a Texas historical marker in Weatherford, Texas.


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6 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Bose Ikard

  1. africanwarrior on said:

    These types of glorification of a Black Uncle Tom former slave assisting his White masters in killing Indians is outrageous. Blacks were saved by Indians , and now You Think is OK for a Black Fool to hunt them and kill them like wild dogs in order to please his White Masters is Ok ?
    Again Black Brothers And Sisters , our brothers in South Africa were treated the same way that the Indians were in North America, Whites wiped out Indians infecting Blankets with small pox, poisoning Indians with hard liquor, raping Indian women like they did to Black women , and now you glorify this Guy????

    Remember it took Latinos, Indians, Asians, Orientals ,Black Africans, Black African Americans working together to elect and re-elect President Obama.

    Be very careful what you do or say one day some will pay You Back! Nothing lasts forever .

  2. africanwarrior on said:

    Tom & Erica
    How would You Like If Indian Americans glorified an Indian who helped White hunt down and slaughter Blacks?

  3. africanwarrior on said:

    Erica Taylor & Tom Joyner
    You are a-racist against American Indians?
    Why are You promoting this stupid Black Man who helped Whites Kill Indians who were defending their stolen land by Whites?
    Not impressed with this guy why?
    He participated with his former masters to kill Indians?
    Are You bragging about this ?
    Did You know that Seminole Indians , Cheorkee, Ojibwe Indians saved thousands of African Slaves from massacre?
    And You are now bragging that former Black Slaves helped Massa Kill Indians?
    You are a fool Erica, remember AmericanIndians were the only people of color who save the massacre of thousands of Black Slaves

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