The home of ex- NFL all-pro lineman and former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Warren Sapp has been bought by fitness guru Brenda Dykgraaf, according to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra.

The 51-year-old Ab Roller inventor got the $7 million mansion for $2.1 million.

Broward County resident and former University of Miami star Sapp once played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under one of the league’s richest contracts that paid him $450,000 per game.

Sapp filed for bankruptcy in April and was forced to auction his 10,000-square-foot mansion outside Orlando to the highest bidder.

The home includes a lazy river, a two-story-high wine bottle display, a dock on Lake Butler and hand-decorated ceilings and walls throughout.

In addition, the house is down the street from where golfer Tiger Woods famously crashed his car at Thanksgiving 2009.

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3 thoughts on “Warren Sapp’s Foreclosed Home Sold for $2.1 Million

  1. africanwarrior on said:

    A fool and his money soon part.
    The Lessons Learned? “Live within your means”, These great athletes like Sap often don’t realize or plan for retirement.

  2. RENO2AC on said:

    These professional athletes really need some financial management courses. My grandmother was a financial wizard, with very little education. It’s amazing to me how uneducated our folks are about finances. I have a friend who runs her own business, but she doesn’t own the building that she is in, nor does she own the house that she lives in, but she drives a Range Rover!?! REALLY. You’re renting, but you drive a $50,000 vehicle. I have a relative who lives in subsidized housing, and I see nicer cars in the parking lot of her “project” complex than where I live where mayors and commissioners are my neighbors. I have friends who preteen children have on $150 sneakers, carry $500 cellphones, and wear the latest fashions, but the parents don’t have LIFE INSURANCE! And, “save” is a four-letter word to folks.

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