Keri Hilson says she fell ill during a flight on Friday and blames lack of sleep for the health scare.

The singer has been in China this week, and was on a flight back to the States when she apparently began vomiting and passed out.

The 29 year old tweeted this morning: “Sure hope my day gets better cuz this morning I’m having so far… I fainted on my flight. then I threw up. I’m fine now, I just need real rest… haven’t had more than 3.5 hrs of sleep in 48hrs.”

Hilson went on to say she was so distracted by her illness she left several personal belongings on the flight: “I left my purse & gifts from China on the plane, discombobulated. *sigh* drinking gatorade & HOME-bound. I’m good now…”

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4 thoughts on “Keri Hilson Vomits, Passes Out on Plane

  1. africanwarrior on said:

    Now I understand why we Blacks still have a slave mentality here in America.
    We just have a deep need to please our former “Massas” to the point where we find the need to please them by looking and acting like them

    I see that 76 Black people out of 81 are angry at me for pointing out that Blacks women must be proud of our color and not try to be blond like White women.

  2. africanwarrior on said:

    Why so descriptive?
    What is so special about a person getting motion sickness?
    Leave this woman alone!
    Don’t You have better things to do?

  3. africanwarrior on said:

    Oh another question and advise:
    Why do you have Blond Hair? Are You ashamed of being Black?
    Get you hair back to natural the way God Made You
    Be Black And Proud.

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