We haven’t even seen the new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” yet, but it’s painfully obvious that Kenya Moore is an instigator.

Maybe it’s too much beauty on the show; and some people are feeling a bit intimidated. Whatever it is, Moore, 41, knows she’s wrong for the tension easily felt through the television screen.

She recently admitted the drama is coming from her.

“[Cynthia] was being disrespectful and overstepping her boundaries, so I had to let her know that, that wasn’t acceptable to me. It resulted in security being called,” Moore told People. But she denies there was any pulling of weaves and such.

Funny thing is, the former beauty queen attempted to detach herself from the stereotypical “RHoA” showcasing, but said she’s in the center of all the madness.

“I am in the middle of most of it, and probably cause most of it. I went through a lot of ups and downs with the women on the show,” Kenya said. “So far, people have been saying I’m their favorite, and they haven’t seen one episode!” she adds.

Who said that? We need proof.

Remember she’s supposed to be in the middle of someone’s relationship too. We wonder who?

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