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Deya Gets Direct about Diabetes with J. Anthony Brown brought to you by Novo Nordisk.


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4 thoughts on “Deya talks with J. Anthony Brown about Diabetes

  1. Woodyprkrls on said:

    As Black male who contracted Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus for my 30th Birthday. I was on four to six shots a day for about ten years but yet I continued to work everyday to support and provide for my family. I was a IT professional for over 25 years in both private business and corporate America. FICA started taking money from me for Social Security starting at age 14 and have taken over $251,000.00 from me over my working career. I am a Type 1 diabetic being treated with a Medtronic Paradigm 715 Insulin pump. My A1C scores for just about my entire working career averaged over 10 and had been as high as 12. I have literally passed out and been revived from certain death eight times three times this past year. Back in December of this past year I had an incident in the basement of a clients home while testing her furnace for carbon monoxide. If not for the fact that her grandmother was diabetic and knew to give me some KARO Syrup I would not be her to write this post. After this incident my wife and doctor insisted that I stay home not work and manage my illness 24hours a day so as not to develop major complications with the neuropathy in my feet and lower legs, high blood pressure, rhetinopathy of my eyes and more importantly my hypoglycemia. So I filed again for my social security disability back in July and just got my second denial letter stating that my illness is not severe enough to warrant social security disability. This is the second time that Social Security is telling me to go back to work until I lose a leg, go on dialysis or lose my eyesight and even then it has to be severe enough to warrant disability. I can’t even get the money that I put in since the age of 14 but yet I am expected to work until 62 or 67 before being eligible. I am 52 now and have been fighting this illness for 22 years and only now in the last six months from stop working have my A1C score been below and 8 actually a 7.3. So with the average life expectancy of a healthy black male being I believe 62 why should anyone expect a Type 1 diabetic to work until 67. Not too mention if I go back to work now First of all I have to find a job with my current medical condition and if for some reason I pass out and am not fortunate enough to get revived than my wife would only be eligible for Widows benefits from Social Security which is considerably less than what I have even put into the program. So I am truly in the Mitt Romney 47% but I do not view myself as a victim of anything other than the distorted government agency whom when I was working led me to believe that those FICA deductions were good for me and would be there when I needed it most. Right now it is just a big lie. I have retained another Law Firm Binder&Binder in attempts to win on appeal or at least fight for what is rightfully mine. I want to point out that I am not the only minority that this is happening too a lot of minorities or led to believe that once they contract Diabetes they are treated as Type 2 Diabetics because of their weight problem but I am 5’8″ and weigh 178. Most of these doctors are prescribing pills to individuals who really need to be on Insulin and are led to believe that they can work a normal work life and not develop the major complications well I found out from my own experience that Type 1 diabetes is a 24/365 illness and must be treated as such. The whole system is designed to maximize the money for the doctors, attorneys and government officials so maybe we do need to privatize Social Security and give everyone their money to manage themselves since more than likely they will never see the vast amount that is being taken out for their so called senior years. Please advise me on what approach and strategy can we use to change Social Security for the millions of Diabetic Americans who have this disease?

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