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Six days before Election Day, with President Barack Obama returning to the campaign trail after taking a break to oversee relief efforts from Hurricane Sandy, two new polls show that African Americans, young adults, and first-time Latino voters will be critical to Obama’s re-election to the White House.

This week, in the final stretch of a deadlocked race, Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign’s national field director, said the campaign is turning its attention to the African American vote.

“The African American community is solidly and overwhelmingly behind President Obama, because they know he is fighting for all of us, not just some of us,” Bird told reporters this week.

“Our campaign has been committed to organizing in the African American community for years, with our Barbershop and Beauty Salon program, congregation captains, and HBCU summits (Historically Black Colleges and Universities),” he added.

Bird said that over the last four years, the Obama campaign has recruited and trained members of the community to own and run the campaign in their neighborhoods.

“Now that voting has begun, we’re seeing it at polling places across the country,” Bird said. “The pictures and the numbers tell the same story: African Americans are committed to doing everything they can to re-elect the president.”

Obama returns to the campaign trail on Thursday with stops in Wisconsin, Colorado and Las Vegas. And this weekend, Obama will crisscross the country asking for votes from coast to coast. On Saturday, Obama will deliver remarks at grassroots events in Mentor, Ohio; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Dubuque, Iowa and Bristow, Virginia. On Sunday, the president will campaign in Concord, New Hampshire; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Cincinnati, Ohio and Aurora, Colorado.

Meanwhile, Obama’s 52-point lead in the new Latino Decisions tracking poll, matches the president’s widest advantage of the year over Republican Mitt Romney:

The president has the support of 73% of all Latino registered voters, compared to 21% who favor Romney. The 52-point gap matches the largest gap among Latinos this year, also found in the Oct. 1 tracking poll.

“Those are remarkable numbers on the economy, given that Romney’s strategy to win back Latinos has been to campaign on jobs and hope that trumps immigration,” according the survey.

The poll says Latinos believe the economy is the most important issue in the presidential campaign that Romney and the Republican Party has been unable to convince Latino voters that the GOP can improve the economy and put people back to work.

In a separate survey conducted by Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), the poll concluded that if the election were held today, Obama would win the youth vote by 52% to 35%.

Support for Obama rose more than 7 points among likely voters: up from 44.4% in July while support for Romney is down slightly from 36.9% to 35.1% among likely, registered voters, according to the poll.

“The racial and ethnic group breakout shows that there is a rise in intent to vote among the three groups whom we polled in large numbers, with an impressive three quarters of Black youth intending to vote,” said CIRCLE Director Peter Levine.

The poll asked young people to pick their top issue. The percentage of youth who chose “Jobs and the Economy” rose and it remained the number-one issue, at 37.9%.

Here are some key findings:

●       The proportion saying they are extremely likely to vote has risen 9.9 points, from 44.7% to 54.6%. Two-thirds (67.3%) of young adults are “very” or “extremely” likely to vote, up 7.1 percentage points since June/July.

●       The proportion who are paying attention to the election has also risen, from 56.1% to 71%.

●       If the election were held today, Obama would win the youth vote by 52% to 35% among those registered voters who are “extremely likely to vote.”

Alexandra Acker-Lyons, director of the Youth Engagement Fund, said young Americans are a critical voting bloc to both campaigns.

“Young voters have been targeted in the last few weeks,” Acker-Lyons said. “But with young voters comprising one quarter of the electorate, the campaigns — having spent one billion dollars each — and the media remain focused on seniors and other sectors of the electorate. Politicians underestimate the youth vote at their own peril. Young voters have the power to decide this election.”

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14 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Obama Could Lose Without Black, Latino, Youth Vote

  1. EBARNES on said:

    Many black people among us who did not chose to attend HBCUs are normally the ones who won’t understand what HBCUs mean, do, and deliver, and therefore, if a “Black” President has so little regard for HBCUs to the extent that he knowingly signed an Initiative that strips the mandatory funding mandates of the two prior mandates by Clinton and Bush–and then submits no budget or budget proposals for HBCUs over a four year period–but then comes to the “real” Black Community with a slogan for us to repeat of “We Have Your Back”, then -NO– he doesn’t have my vote because he didn’t have the backs of thousands of students who attend HBCUs and who really believed his rhetoric. But then again, he knows that the Black Community tends to believe anything that we hear or see in the news media, and we just “Assume” that those who have the power to do so has “Our” backs. In addition, the amount of Pell Grants for students {who qualify) at HBCUs went down and more funds were directed to mainstream colleges and universities. So Yes, if you can’t protect the interests of HBCUs, then you can’t have my vote, and I just wish that I had had the opportunity to discuss this issue with the Preisdent on the TJMS.

  2. fj1200 on said:

    Just droppin by to remind that 3 YEARS AGO I told you he’d lose because of his REFUSAL to address the unemployment issue. Toldja so……

  3. jimmyg on said:

    Citizens,Mr Mitt has done nothing but make vague promises that he will create jobs.Anybody can make promises that will never be fulfilled,meanwhile he could be sitting in the White House next year apologizing for his high expectations that never came to pass.Cindy,it looks as if charming Mr Mitt has convinced you and yours that he is the promised one.That is a certified lie and you should not fall for the bait and switch.TRUST is the first thing we should think of when electing our president.How could anybody trust a gold plated liar?Remember we trust our president with thousands of nuclear weapons too.We should all be able to put our trust in any Commander in Chief..

  4. Clarkee on said:

    I canvass here for the President everyday (Florida) knocking on doors to get out the vote. We have a lot of work to do. Most of the responses are positive, and when I go back the next day to see if they actually voted as they said they would, about 7 out of 10 actually did. But here’s the problem, we need the other three as well. If you support the President, please help out now by volunteering at a local campaign office. I know some people say that they can just do their own thing campaigning on their own; yea, maybe, but the campaign has a computerized researched model that is proving to be very effective. We actually have in our software systems the demographics of every potential voter. Please, please, please, go volunteer or at least go and ask questions. Two hours a day would go a long way. Blessings

  5. BabyGirl1970 on said:

    We are such a microwave society. There has been real progress and with four more years we will see even more progress. You don’t have to agree with everything he has done, but look at the overall picture. If you think President Obama is disappointing, vote for Romney and you will see what disappointing REALLY means. Sorry, I just can’t accept anyone, regardless of your race, voting for a man who obviously can’t stand a human being simply because of the color of their skin! Most importantly, stop looking at a man as the almighty savior and start seeking your sole source which is your Heavenly Father!

  6. cindycruz on said:

    The enthusiasm for our President is WAY DOWN in our community. So many of my friends and family who voted for Barack are not happy with him due to the poor economy are going to romney now… including my parents who havent voted for a republican since I can remember. I am afraid if our Presdident is having such a hard time with his base.. it means he probably is not going to win.

  7. BOTTOM LINE get yo azz out and vote!!! Its going to be close, we will need every vote. NO ONE should think this is over and Prez Obama already has it won. Focus on what WE can do and not on what hte republicans can or can’t do. WE can do this if WE try!!

  8. EBARNES on said:

    President Obama lost my black vote after I read his watered down Initiative on HBCUs. More specfifically, I compared it with all of the other previous initiatives and I was both stunned and disappointed. Among other things, he (1)took out the mandatory funding language;(2) no buget or proposed budget has been submitted in four years; (3) the Board was reduced to twenty-five members which excluded the provisions that allowed all sitting presidents of HBCUs to not only be mebers, but also gave them the opportunity to review the yearly budget and make recommendations; and,(4) among many other critical changes in educational funding, the amount of Pell Grants to the students who qualify have been lowered. . So, I will disregard President Obama as he has in reality disregarded HBCUs through the use of flowery language that means nothing.

  9. gwanedm on said:

    this election will come down to turn out. You have to understand that 6 million registered republicans did not vote in 2008 cause they did not like John McCain. The enthusiasm for Romney is far greater than it was for McCain so I think the Republican base will show up in support for Romney in greater numbers.

  10. jimmyg on said:

    Obama could lose this election if black follks and latinos don’t vote?.Really? We did not know that.But what about all them.liberal white folks who claim they did not see color? What happened? I think they got what they wanted and skipped town.If this president is reelected who will he thank first,our folks,or Bill Clinton?
    Remember folks,we’ve always been the last hired and the first fired.

  11. africanwarrior on said:

    latino are expected to represent 11% of the total vote in 2008 the latinos represented 5% of the total votes. Latinos are indeed motivated based on Immigration and “Self Deportation” Romney Platform .
    To my Latino fellow Immigrants Brothers and Sisters Vote Obama in 2012 , we need him to protect us first generation Immigrants . I am born in Nigeria , and came to America with my parents seeking a better future, just like all Latinos. We share the same experience, Africans and Latin Americans, we must stick together, and vote in our best interest. Obama is a son of former African Student in America .

  12. Mercysjoychild on said:

    There are some people who place themselves in such a critical position without any historical track record. You say President Obama loss your vote because…. How many of the prior candidates and office holders loss your vote over something based solely on your personal desire of watered down HBCU policy

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