Stacey Dash has surely become the token citizen of the Romney campaign.

The 46-year-old actress obviously does not care what people think of her support for the Romney/Ryan ticket because she has posted yet another pro-Republican photo on her Twitter account.

Yesterday she tweeted:

"Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. @reppaulryan @MittRomney #Romney/Ryan20."

In the photo, (pictured above) Dash and Ryan embrace in an awkward photo that already has the web up in arms at Dash again.

Dash does not have much going on besides the publicity she's gaining from this, so people think after the election she will fade into oblivion again.

But you have to admit this is a pretty good marketing campaign for a declining career?

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18 thoughts on “Stacey Dash Poses with Paul Ryan

  1. Phantom on said:

    Are you folks listening to yourselves!?? The hatred and vile crap you are spewing simply because she’s making her own choice?? Did Dr. King fight for our right to CHOOSE whatever life we wanted or did he die so that we could only CHOOSE ONE WAY?? She does not derserve this treatment from anyone! Especially black people! What makes any of you any different than Bull Connor when he harassed black people for exercising their freedom!?? We are acting just like the white racists of the past…the irony is that we are doing it to our own!! Then we get mad when someone says we are “brainwashed”!! Well…WE ARE ACTING LIKE A CULT! WE ARE ACTING LIKE WE ARE BRAINWASHED! When some tries to do something from a cult collective, they get attacked, shunned, insulted!! This is what you are doing to Stacey! We want people to respect us. But we won’t give it in return? This takes some serious courage for Stacey to do this! She is dead to Hollywood now! Listening to all the negative crap she’s getting, she may never work again. That alone tells me that this was not a publicity stunt! This was one on principle. Respect people……respect! This is America.

  2. {I Don’t see Stacy Dash or no Black Republican that party harbors some of the most racist people in America and they say nothing. I don’t see them period}.
    Do you think that European people have an agenda to insure the survival of their race? It seems that in the time of The Obama era European countries including America are in economic turmoil even close to economic collapse. America’s vital signs are not good and it seems that the congress, scholars and the so called economist have lost the ability to guide her out of the problems her policies and way of life has created. As you know throughout history in times of depression and economic down slides racism rears its ugly head just ask the Jewish people of Germany. Germany at the time was in great economic despair which was the underline enabler of what happened with the Holocaust. So I don’t think now is the time to judge race relations all we have to know is racism is still to the point that it has a profound effect on the black economic community. I asked a question in the beginning of this post do you think European people have an agenda to insure the survival of their race through this economic down spiral? Now I ask this question do you think Africans and Americans of African descent have an agenda to insure their survival through this economic down fall? Or do they just think the European agenda includes them. It’s past time that blacks stop wondering how European people feel about them we are a nation within a nation able to generate our own economic stability. But if you really want to know how white people feel, look at a map of America in 1861 and look at the slave driven confederate states. Then look at a map of America now in 2012 and look at the republican red states. The map looks just about the same. Our cowardly black leaders and scholars are holding on to their 400 year old enemy as though he has all of a sudden become their friends segregation was a jewel in disguise Blacks started their own schools opened their own stores and restaurants and was making their own neighborhoods self-sufficient ie (Black Wall St). The whites seen how much money was being loss and here comes the Supreme Court and integration what did you think they all off a sudden started to care about us? No it was economical. Now all the hard earnings of the Blacks is leaving the communities. Frederick Douglass said: “A race of people can’t be truly free when their freedom and economic stability is based on the thoughts, actions and feelings of another race”. Obama in the White house is a good thing and I love that brother with all my heart, but I wonder sometimes what was behind it because I know he was selected before he was elected. It seems almost impossible for most blacks in America to rap their minds around some of the things that white people in power do in America and I think that’s because it’s impossible for us to think like Satan. Race Survival it’s not a joke. Peace CM

  3. africanwarrior on said:

    Paul Ryan Used to dip his White “Rod Of Moses” Into Black Ladies . He Loves Chocolate Dip .
    He Loves Black Well done Meat

  4. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD,,she needs a job this bad!!obviously she does not care what people think of her ,but in doing your thing dont show your ass… Never turn on your people as so many have done,,,this is what happens when the brain washing stops and commom sense cant kick in…….Its people that are in the RNC that from Reagan to the Bushes we cant get a break now this..,is this pretty good marketing campaign for a declining career? LETS SEE IF SHE GET WORK BY THE END OF THE YEAR…………?

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    She is irrelevent I think she made 1 movie and it was called CLUELESS. other than that she has not done much. She did star in Single Ladies with Lisa Rae but she got fired from that job for trying to be a diva which she is not. She really is a NON FACTOR

  6. redbone1954 on said:

    Same thing I am doing now continue to work and so on Because Black people have it hard regardless of who is in office. I just don’t want to hear not one complaint from anyone who did not vote or from those who voted for Mittens.If you vote for him and he wins live with the consequences is all I have to say OBAMA 2012 he will preveil

  7. FTSMITH on said:

    I guess she forgot what happened in 2004, when Karl Rove’s “Bush is a Christian” tactic was aimed at Black voters, in which 11% of them voted for Dubya and when Katrina hit New Orleans august of 2005, the very same Blacks that voted for him, found out the hard way that they were conned by Rove.

  8. Well, it is Stacy’s right to support these clowns if she wants. But all of US know that she needs the attention and pub. The republicans will use any black person to help them out. Stacy isn’t exactly crediable or helpful to them honestly but they don’t care as long as she is black and pretty. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Stacy AFTER the election and things die down. She must have really burned some bridges to not get ANY work as fine as she is and her past work. Can’t even get an airhead, pretty face only role. She pissed some people off somewhere for real!!!

  9. That cokehead cumbucket will be proudly sucking him off!! Looks like she accepted the job of house whore, no doubt she’ll do anything to be relevant.

  10. gwanedm on said:

    You have to give Stacy Dash some respect! It is not easy for a black person to admit supporting Republicans! Every time one of us does that person is labeled an uncle tom, a token or a sell out. I don’t think that is fair! people should be free to support whatever candidate they choose!

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