MIAMI (AP) — With a week to go until Election Day, the nasty campaign tactics are coming out.

People in Florida, Virginia and Indiana have gotten calls falsely telling them they can vote early by phone and don't need to go to a polling place. Indiana's secretary of state launched an investigation. Virginia officials issued a warning to voters and asked them to report any such calls they receive.

And there's a mysterious DVD popping up in mailboxes that purports to be a "documentary" raising questions about the true identity of President Barack Obama's father.

It's one more sign of just how close this presidential election is.

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One thought on “Nasty Campaign Tactics: Phony Voting Instructions

  1. Ann Griffin on said:

    The KIA company here has TV and radio commercials telling voters that they don’t need to wait to vote, come in there in vote with the possibility of winning $500 if your choice wins. How many of us will do that and not vote on Election Day? Hopefully none, but offering MONEY, IJS!!! Your thoughts?

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