A Columbian mother says her newborn may be possessed by demons.

Ana Feria Santos claims that her five-week-old baby is showing signs that he is possessed by evil spirits.

Santos claims that her child is displaying abnormal adult behaviors for his stage of life. 

“He walks like an adult, sometimes going off and hiding underneath the bed, in a suitcase, in the washing machine or in the fridge,” Santos said. 

She also said her baby boy cackles like an adult and has an intimidating stare.

Santos’ neighbors are convinced that the baby carries an eerie spirit. After seeing burn marks on the baby’s clothes and on the sofa where he sits, they believe he can produce fire at will.

Santos and her husband, Oscar Palencia Lopez said they’ve been victims of attacks since rumors about her baby’s strange demeanor started to spread. They said their home has been attacked with stones almost every night by fearful neighbors.

Even though their neighbors believe that the baby is possessed, doctors and police authorities are skeptical about his evil spirit. The Colombian Family Welfare Institute, the National Police, and the Catholic Church are investigating whether or not the baby’s abnormal behaviors are the result of abuse rather than a demonic spirit.

While reviewing the case, a team of psychologists said they see signs of abuse.

“Two small burns were found on the palm of the left hand and for that reason a restoration measure was adopted to [Safeguard] the family environment,” investigators reported.

The family has received a warning while the investigation continues.

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