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Click here to listen to Shaun T's full interview with the TJMS.

We’ll break it to you gently. “Insanity” star Shaun T., who has been the face, body and voice for the sold on TV DVD’s that will whip anybody into shape, is no longer available. Shaun got married and “came out” to the public via Twitter. The 34-year-old creator of “Insanity” and “Hip-Hop Abs” retweeted the best wishes a friend sent him on Twitter and he forwarded it to his 85,000 followers with pictures of his best female friend and new husband Scott Blokker. Although Shaun, born Shaun Thompson, was an openly gay man, this was the first time he’d acknowledged it publicly.

Shaun T joined the Tom Joyner Morning show to discuss his "coming out" telling the crew, "I love all the tabloids how it's like Shaun T has finally came out. I was never in."

He goes on to explain why he never said he was gay publicly, "I create fitness DVDs and programs that help change people's lives I'm not going to be like 'Hey what's up, this is Shaun T welcome to Insanity, I'm gay."

The couple is in complete wedding bliss just weeks after their nuptials. Shaun T explained to the crew how the couple decided who got whose last name, saying, "I just knew that I wanted his last name… [I'm} the only Shaun Blokker in the world, get in to it," he said excitedly.

But getting married doesn’t stop the business side of Shaun’s life. After touring with Powerade this summer and taking “Insanity” all around the country, he released “Insanity: Asylum” late this summer. The latest edition of the “Insanity” series uses sports training methods that promise to get people into amazing shape. For Shaun T., fitness is not just a business; it’s his own way of life. He says that “Insanity” was something he created not for profit, but because he wanted to see others become confident and fit.

“I played football, basketball, and track and field, those were my sports,” Shaun told “I actually went to college and I gained the freshman 50. So I gained a lot of weight my first year cause I was focused on academics. After that I really appreciated what health and fitness did for me in my earlier years. I really wanted to feel good like that again. Experiencing the quote, unquote not happy with my body feeling, I wanted to inspire people to be like you know what, you can be happy and fit and healthy with your life. So it is truly my passion to motivate people to be a happier, healthier them. From that experience that I had in college I got into the fitness world. I started teaching classes, personal training, actually became a professional dancer and choreographer. I took some of my sports training that I did in college too and created “Insanity” and “Asylum.” So I do what I do because I love to help people.”

Check out the “Insanity:Asylum” video here.

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23 thoughts on “Wedding Bells for Shaun T

  1. Greig on said:

    Any great person in history that fought against the immoral and barbaric practice of slavery was religious and gained their convictions from reading (in your words) “that book”. And the current problems in Africa stem from outsiders from the United States and Europe meddling for their own interests. They thought that “they knew best” and as we have witnessed so do you.

    What are human rights?
    Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

    Notice it doesn’t say only the currently popular human rights, but all human beings (even the religious ones).

    People have a right to their own opinions, and have a right for it to differ from yours if needs be.

    Now as for Shaun T, who cares if he’s gay? He does an amazing job on the insanity workout. And I agree with him, it is about helping people.

  2. africanwarrior on said:

    It never seezes to amaze me how Gay ,Lesbians and Tramsgenedered people equate the horor of slavery and segregation to those of alternative sex lives, none of us could identify the sexuality of a White Gay person unless they choose to exhibit it to the public. A Non White person can’t disguised how they look or who they are.
    I am a born Nigerian Yorouba , and now naturalized American . In West africa we still have intact Slave Dungeons where Black Africans were warehoused for shipment to the Americas ( USA, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, Jamaica , Haiti, DR Puerto Rico ,Colombia Atc….)
    We Black Africans …Yes We Africans are equaly responsible with White Europeans for Slavery , we Black Africans captured , killed and sold fellow Africans to The White Man, and we even travelled across the ocean as “Human Cargo Guard” protecting the White Slave ship Crfew. People don’t Think , How could a crew of 5-8 White people armed with a single shot loaded powder gun that took 5 minutes to load after firing it control 50-65 angry slaves ? simple answer an additional crew of Black African Allies assisted The White Man to torture ,kill and control these slaves on route to the New World

  3. Quite true–the slave trade could not have occurred without the assistance of Black Africans. However, no one is comparing/contrasting homosexuality to slavery at all. That is preposterous. ‘Slavery’ isn’t being compared ‘homosexuality’ but rather the same basis (religion) used to justify that hate is now used to justify this hate. All brought to us by a book that ‘supposedly’ preaches about love. People with no defense often jump there to end any relevant dialogue because they cannot find any logical reason to justify blindly hating complete strangers. It doesn’t take an academic scholar to see the ironic contradiction.
    It’s a pity that so many would rather argue over who has suffered the most rather than fight to end discrimination and pain. Trying to use the bible (or any book) to justify hating someone else is reprehensible. (Not to mention getting so worked up over gay folks says a lot about that particular person).
    In Northern Nigeria, citizens and human rights groups continue to fight archaic Sharia laws that amputate hands for stealing and sentence women to death by stoning for adultery. Civil Rights are for actually meant for everyone–whether or not you like the way they look, the color of their skin, the God they worship (or deny) or who they love. Intense Religiosity coupled with a lack of intelligence, low IQs and poor academic education is the problem.

  4. People said that same exact thing about interracial marriage and even slavery–which has a lot more biblical references and clear instructions than same sex marriage does in the bible. Mind your own business instead judging the happiness of others. Live and let live!

  5. africanwarrior on said:

    This is Total Insanity for sure Sodom And Gomora .
    This is not good no mater what extreme Liberals say.
    Extreme Conservatism create Tea Partiers, Extreme Liberalism Creates Total Societal Moral Breakdown. The end is near , God will only tolerate so much .

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