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That said, in Ohio, the courts recently reinstated the process of early voting after it had been taken away by Republicans. This potentially affected millions given that roughly 1.7 million ballots in Ohio came in before Election Day in 2008.


Critical to the President’s historic victory in 2008 was early voting in states like Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, needless, to say, voting early can make a huge difference.


And apparently some Republicans think so too since they’re doing all they can to stop it in certain places. Earlier this year, Ohio GOP official Doug Priesse said: "I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine…"


Wow, black folks promptly exercising our democratic rights is a scary thing, huh? Guess Mr. Priesse was bankin’ on us to be on CP time.

But no matter who you vote for, let’s take the First Lady’s lead and get out there and vote early, if you can… Check your state’s voter guidelines to see if early voting is an option which, in most places, it is.

     I’ll leave you with these words on the importance of your vote:


“Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be.”


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8 thoughts on “Early Voting 2012

  1. dbell93 on said:

    Only a racist holds on to the thought that we want someone to come to our houses, neighborhoods, and zap it perfect. We want exactly what Mr. Obama is doing. A chance, a helping hand, opening doors for us to get up and walk through. POTUS has the right to play golf with anyone he wants to. Surely you not going to try and sell Romney as not an elitist. If everyone in this country went to college, the reality is someone would still be the maid and everyone would not be CEO. Therefore we take care of each other, we take care of the country. Fear does not allow you to do that. You can’t understand Obama because you can’t understand being a decent,giving human being who loves this country and all in it. You sound like one of those racist who want us to go back to Jim Crow and Black Code Laws so you can legally strike me down for learning, making a living, owning property or even wearing clothes of good quality. Yes my ancestors went to jail for this kind of evil. Mr. Obama is everyone in the US’s President. I get that you can’t get with that because you would have to earn what you get without the entitlements to help you along. Sad.

  2. Queens2 on said:

    I have already voted. I live in Missouri and we do not have early voting but we do have absentee ballot voting which is what we use in this state to vote early. The only problem with that is you have to vote at the election board and it is not easy to get there if you do not have transportation. But I encourage everyone to use it. And it is open on Saturdays from 9am til 1pm.

  3. Has anyone ever seen bad karma obummer go into the hood and alot funds to clean it up and provide jobs for the 35% black youth unemployment? I don’ think so because he’s been too busy playing golf with rich Wallstreet white guys whom he’s given billions to. Now, still going to vote for him because he’s half black?

  4. amsilver02 on said:

    Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you about a documentary I saw this weekend. It’s concerning the election and what Romney and Paul Ryan are really up to and it will air on PBS 11/12/12. If you have the Roku box or Hulu then you need to see it before then. It’s called Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream. Everyone needs to see this because if they get in office ALL government aide will cease to exist, they have bill ready to be signed if Romney wins. If you don’t have a Roku box, I suggest you sign up for Hulu which is free the first month just to see this documentary. Trust me, this is something everyone needs to see.

  5. rubrami281 on said:

    I live in a little village called, Reinholds Pa. in Lancaster County. Recently, a gentleman came to my door conducting a voter survey. He asked me what party I was voting for in the upcoming elections. I replied, Democrat. He then asked me if I was voting for Pres. Obama and I replied, YES. He then asked if I have watched, Obama’s America 2016 and I replied no. He told me that I should before the elections because I’d find it interesting. I believe the gentleman was trying to persuade me not to vote for Pres. Obama. I voted once in my life and it was for Obama. I’ll be voting for the second time in my life……..and surely it’ll be for Obama/Biden this Nov. I just thought I’d share that with you guys.

  6. veronicaj on said:

    I voted early in Chicago. I sent an email blast to all my contacts in my personal emaill address explaining why they should vote. I also sent a link of where they can vote and website so they can see for theirselves what he has done. Just in case they were living under a rock or forgot what he has done even with all the obstacles. I will continue to support and be active in the community to stress the importance of understanding, believing, and participating to make a difference. Thank you.

  7. wellsk1959 on said:

    So the Republicans realize that early voting makes a difference? What this should tell them is that they should court the 47% that will give them a shot at these high offices. We shouldn’t try to supress the vote, but encourage everyone who is elgible to vote.

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