Dear Mr. Joyner,

My brother, Timothy was in the Marine corps serving his country with the purpose and pride that comes from making a positive difference.   Although he has not served in the military for a long time, his strong work ethic and commitment to helping others still survives.The only difference is now he uses his energy, knowledge and skills on behalf of his grown children, grandchildren and all his relatives.

Tim is fifty-six years-old and a disabled veteran recovering from spinal cord and hip replacement surgery. He suffers from spinal stenosis which causes body weakness on his right side. In spite of his physical limitations, he wants to return to society as a working citizen. He has a job offer as soon as he can get his driver's license. However, he needs a special left foot accelerator pedal in order to practice driving, before can take the driver’s test.   

Tom, if i had the money to purchase the pedal and have it installed, I’d do it. Unfortunately, it is beyond my means and the V.A. can’t cover it for him. Tim has inherited our late brother’s car and it would be such a blessing if the pedal can be placed in it, allowing him to return to work and regain that sense of purpose he once felt. My brother has always been there for me and now i want to be there for him. I need your help to make this wish come true.



    Dennette Waters for her brother Timothy La-Coor


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