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Can you can remember life without mobile phones? Making an emergency call while on the road required hunting for a pay phone and texting was a term that didn't even exist. These days, it's hard to leave the house without this helpful piece of technology. And it's rare to find a household that actually uses its home phone.

Check out Nielsen's facts about mobile phones. You're sure to be familiar with several of them.

1) At the end of 2011, half of African-American mobile users owned a smartphone

2) 44% of all new mobile phone purchases by  African-Americans are smartphones

3) In 2011, 37% of African-Americans were Android users, 16% were Apple iPhone users, 30% Blackberry users

4) African-Americans send/receive about 907 texts a month

5) African-Americans talk about 1,298 minutes a month (more than twice that of White Americans)

6) 78% of African-Americans use smartphones for text messaging

7) 51%  of African-American use their smartphones for picture messaging

8) 43% of African-Americans use their smartphones for email

9) 41% of African-Americans use their smartphones for mobile Internet

10) 37% ofAfrican-Americans use their smartphones for social networking


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