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What? Let’s be real here. Did you really think that racism went somewhere? It’s still here, loud and proud.

And with this election, all bets are off; its coming down to the wire and people are frightened. And you know what happens when people get scared. Some want this black man out of office so bad they simply can not and will not hide the way they truly feel.

Whether they sneak out in the middle of the night and place a chair holding two watermelons, a noose, and a sign that reads, “Go back to Kenya you idiot,” on the side of a desolate road near a Romney for President sign – like they did a few weeks ago in Santa Clara County, California; or stand in the midst of a Romney/Ryan campaign event in Lancaster, Ohio; like the guy pictured above; who wore a T-shirt that reads: “Put the WHITE back in the White House.”

According to Buzzfeed, a Romney spokesperson commented that the shirt was “reprehensible and has no place in this election.”

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