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A number of NBA stars have given President Barack Obama a huge assist in his reelection campaign with a new video in which they pledge support.

“I believe America is still the greatest country in the world,” Alonzo Mourning says in the spot. “And I am voting for President Obama.”

Also featured in the video: Dahntay Jones, Harrison Barnes, Etan Thomas, Kym Hampton, Vince Carter and Juwan Howard.

Meanwhile, on Team Romney, former NBA player Greg Anthony is starring in a new ad for the candidate. Though he voted for Obama in 2008, Anthony says he’s “really lost faith in him” and now supports Mitt Romney.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: NBA Stars Back President Obama in New Video

  1. blackmagic on said:

    Perhaps the time has come to let any man eloquently state his position, particularly man disappointed. I’m black and gonna vote for him,even though we don’t see eye to eye and you people know why. The next time you comment on the matter, express yourself like you got some sense.

  2. pac4me on said:

    A lot of his “non-successful” last fours years is because the Republicans fought him at every level and were opposed to any & everything that he tried to do. This country was jacked up on the day he took office – just think where we would be if there was just a little support from the other party. Ohhhh people please get out there and vote, we have to do just like we did in 08 – show these people that we have a voice and our voice says – Obama for POTUS again!!!

  3. chaquille on said:

    People have a right to like who the like….I am going with OBAMA 2012….Most of us don’t understand that no matter how far you are in charge, there is some white dude standing there doing the puppet strings…..I wonder how many black people have become supervisors of their departments and still take orders from “the man”.???Everyone thinks No Jobs is his fault but I honestly believe that most corporations are ran by the Tea Party and are not hiring to make him look bad…..

  4. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Great job NBA guys…. yea its true Greg Anthony is a punk ass without a clue and his true colors are showing…WHITE…between this idiot JJ dum ass walker and Stacy Dum ASS dash please black people on the outside and white on the inside stay in the closet..get off the field…..Pres Obama dosent need your help….LL Cool J and J is for jerk that gos for you TOO…………………………………

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