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Count NBA commentator Greg Anthony in the Mitt Romney column.

No stranger to politics, the Nevada native and former UNLV and NBA player is featured in a new ad for the Republican presidential nominee

“I really lost faith in [Barack Obama],” Anthony says in the 30 second ad, which was uploaded to You Tube Friday. “I’m supporting Mitt Romney. He’s a no-excuse kind of guy and over the last four years, I think we’ve heard enough excuses.”

During the ad, Anthony admits he voted for Obama in 2008 because he “thought he’d be a centrist.” He also says high unemployment rates in Nevada is another reason he’s not supporting the president again.

As far as his 11-year NBA career, he is mostly remembered for his time with the New York Knicks during the early 1990s. He was far more successful in college, where he starred with other future NBA players Larry Johnson and Stacey Augmon at UNLV. The 1990 team won an NCAA Championship.

In college, Anthony was a national vice-chairman for the Young Republicans from 1989-91. He is currently an basketball analyst on NBA TV and CBS Sports.

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4 thoughts on “Greg Anthony, Ex- NBA Player Supports Romney

  1. Pastor Johnson on said:

    How Much was he paid to do the ad, and how could he expect President Obama to fix a mess that took 8 years to build in 4 years. he can’t see that this man is a bald face liar, and will say anythiing to get elected, wake up people the man dosen’t care about anybody but himself…and by the way, how can the POTUS fix anything or pass any legislation when all the Republican congress can do is block everything the president tries to get done, and the ironic thing about all of it is…they (the republicans was for it, before they were against it), but because this Black Man is for it now they have a problem with the very things they were for in the pass…wake up people, and smell what the Romney/Ryan crew is shovelling…

  2. Blacks have had problems coming together forever a major problem with the race, so if your Black and you vote republican don’t take it personal but go get Micheal Jackson’s plastic surgeon and keep it real. C/Ya

  3. Gina you see it baby its out there, its over there Gina” you see it baby. See what martin? See what baby ? My mind its out there baby I must have lost it Gina.
    Ya a lot of niga’s have lost their dam minds.

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