Until 1964, the South Carolina State Fair was a ‘whites only’ event. As a result, the black community took part in the South Carolina Colored State Fair one week later. The ‘colored’ event was sponsored by the Colored State Fair Association.The segregated fair was in existence from 1908 to 1964, which marked the legal ban of segregation.

The Colored State Fair was the place where the best agriculture presented by black farmers was put on display. Its largest attraction was the ferris wheel. The crowd enjoyed marching band competitions, fireworks, rides and livestock competitions. There was also a draw to see the “hootchie-cootchie” girls, who performed in a covered tent, special for those who were mature enough to attend.

The South Carolina Colored State Fair was billed as the “greatest event for Negroes in the state.”

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5 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: South Carolina Colored State Fair

  1. jimmyg on said:

    This photo is more proof that such a segregated nation really existed.Right here in the United States.There are quite a few white folks who say we’re not victims just whiners,too lazy to catch up with white folks economically.But segregation and discrimination for decades takes its toll folks.A very real reason we’re stuck at the bottom of the ladder as a people..

  2. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Those was some good days blacks had to stay and work together just to live… SCLC-PUSH-OPERATION BREAD BASKET BLACK EXPO….those were special days when you said family it went for the whole street,,,,remember block parties,,,wirth the tables of food jams and dancing in the streets on a Saturday nite,,,no cable.direct tv dish ipod or facebook….hide in go see,,,tag,,,,we spent time just enjoying each other company…….. THE REAL GO OLE DAYS

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