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President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made their first appearance together on “The View” yesterday morning. President Obama looked debonair in his suit and Michelle looked ravishing in her green dress as they chatted with ladies of “The View” about everything from the President’s love of Michelle and his girls Sasha and Malia, to the crisis in Libya to what would happen if Mitt Romney were to be elected.

It was hard not to fall in love with this power couple as they held hands through the entire interview and spoke lovely things about one another. Well, until President Obama claimed that Michelle doesn’t have the temperament to run for office!

Check out some of the notable quotables from The Obamas’ interview on “The View” below.

Michelle Obama On President Obama As Her Hubby:

“He’s very loving, giving and open. He’s funny. I’m funnier….I’m one of the few people that can make him mad.”

President Obama On The American People:

“What’s been amazing over the last four years was to see the resiliency of the American people.”

President Obama On If Mitt Romney Was Elected:

“We can survive a lot, but the American people don’t want to just survive, we want to thrive.”

On Crisis In Libya:

“We are not going to shrink back from the world on this. We are going to hunt down those who did this. We will bring them to justice. We will make sure that we do everything we have to do to protect our embassies and our diplomatic posts. We are going to stay engaged.”

On Michelle Running For Office:

“Michelle would be terrific, but temperamentally…”

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