When a relationship ends, Facebook can become the go-to tool for “checking-up” on an ex.

As predictable as it may seem, British researchers found that Facebook stalking only deepens emotional wounds.  

The new study reported that this common post-break up practice harbors old feelings and makes it difficult for an individual to move on with their life.

"This study sees again virtual life mirroring real life,” said Brenda Wiederhold, editor-in-chief of Cyberspychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, which published the study out of Brunel University in Uxbridge.

“Just as real life contact with ex-partners may inhibit growth, healing, and well-being, so may virtual contact,” Wiederhold noted.

Over 450 study participants admitted that when they remained Facebook friends with an ex, it led to more stress, sexual desires, and other negative and lonely emotions.

A similar study published in 2009 found that college students who spend a lot of time on Facebook are likely to monitor their boyfriend or girlfriend’s activity, which could lead to jealousy issues.

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