From popcorn to potato chips, Americans love their snacks.

A new list reveals the top brand choices of America’s favorite salty snacks.

The brand recognition survey conducted by YouGov BrandIndex listed Ritz as the number one snack for the second year in a row. The Nabisco treat has been an American favorite since the 1930’s and received an overall favorability rating of 55.2.

Lay’s Potato Chips landed the second spot with Doritos and Fritos claiming third and fourth place. All three products are made by Frito-Lay’s.

See the full list of the favorited snacks below.

1. Ritz
2. Lay's
3. Doritos
4. Fritos
5. Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
6. Wheat Thins
7. Tostitos
8. Cheetos
9. Pringles
10. Triscuit

YouGov surveyed 1.5 million adults ages 18 and up asking them how they felt about each brand.

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