Dr. Conrad Murray, currently serving time for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, is reportedly spending his time penning a ”tell-all” book about the King of Pop. However, publishers have so far given him the cold shoulder, reports Radar Online.

A source close to Murray said: ”Dr. Murray spends most of his days writing what he is telling friends will be a tell-all book about what really happened in the final days of Michael Jackson’s life.

”Murray believes that the public will want to hear about the time he spent with Michael. Conrad says that Michael confided his inner-most secrets about his true feelings about his family, the child molestation trial and his three children. Murray contends that Michael’s kids viewed him as a family member and loved him.”

The doctor is serving four years in prison for giving Jackson the lethal dose of anesthetic  Propofol that caused his death in June 2009. Murray is said to hope the book will help his public image and raise some much-needed funds.

”This is all about money for Murray though because he is absolutely flat broke and desperately needs the cash,” the source continued. “He feels that the book could help rehab his image and help him to get his medical license back.”

However, Murray – who is expected to serve just two years of his sentence because of jail overcrowding – may not have any takers as far as publishers.

”Several publishers have been contacted and have expressed little to no interest in publishing any book written by or about Dr. Murray,” said the source. ”One publisher said that even if Murray were to take full responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson there was no interest. Dr. Murray just isn’t an empathetic person and the public doesn’t want to hear from him, period.”


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3 thoughts on “Conrad Murray Writing a Michael Jackson Tell-All

  1. chaquille on said:

    I still don’t think it is Conrad Murray’s fault that Michael Jackson is gone…Michael Jackson was an addict way before there was a Conrad Murray,,,.I think I am going to get me a publishers license and get in contact with him…He can’t say much because he has only known him for about 5 years but I would really like to know the ending….

  2. loycetate on said:

    I beg to differ, many people really want to know what happened just like Monica’s 12 million dollar tell all about Bill Clinton’s bedroom talk and Kim’s sex tape. The low baller might want him to think folks aint willing to pay but there are many that want to know. I think he was an easy target for the death but Michael was already dying a slow death by the pressure of supporting his entourage and their families which is a heavy load when you have a costly lifestyle. Let’s not forget Michael was millions in debt but through his death his children might inherit millions. I hope they are planning their future careers and not planning to sit around and waste millions without a purpose. Why do you think Michael banned his family from his estate? So Murry knows a lot about what America wants to know but too afraid to ask. Michael had a severe heroin problem that came to light upon his death that is why he needed to sleep so let’s wait until the words are written and don’t hurt a man for doing what he was paid for. Surely he should have had someone watching him 24/7 or even a monitor but when God steps in, even a monitor won’t help you! It is written. Murry will need money just like every other criminal or person. OBAMA 2012

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