Chad Johnson has dodged a bullet and will avoid jail time reports TMZ. The former wide receiver reportedly struck a deal with prosecutors to keep him out of jail by agreeing to be placed on probation and undergo anger management counseling.

Chad also agreed to a no-contact order that would block him from having any contact with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada.

Here’s hoping Chad gets his life together!

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4 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Avoids Jail Time

  1. loycetate on said:

    How did Evelyn become an ex has the divorce been finalized? Different values for different people depending upon the circumstances. Somewhere in all of this if it were meant to be they might be able to repair this but I don’t believe that it was what God put together but they did based upon the financial gains of the show and the new show not commitment or love and respect for one another. Chad can have many of women that will housemate his kids while he sleeps around, they are a dime a dozen if you got the paper but not real when you broke and penniless! The choices become far and few between. They were blinded and lost it all. OBAMA 2012

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