Jacque Reid goes "Inside Her Story" with Dr. Maya Angelou to discuss voter engagement and the importance of the upcoming election. Angelou is a huge supporter of President Obama, she explained to the TJMS how she does not understand how the black community could lose faith in him so quickly, saying:

"How do black people expect President Obama in four years to undo what has taken us ,well, 300 years plus to achieve it's outrageous… what we need to do is vote."

However, voting wasn't the only pressing matter on Angelou's mind. Before finishing her interview, Angelou left with a strong statement urging everyone to respect the religious beliefs of others, saying:

"As an American this country was supposed to be free to all people of every religion and every religion would be respected…it's wise of us to try our best to realize that we are all human beings and all human beings are more equal to each other than they are unequal."


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