Keith ‘Keyoko’ Sumlin has been charged with second-degree murder and criminal transmission of the AIDS virus after he had sex with a 15-year-old teen he met online, the Miami Herald reports.

The Penbrook Pines, Fla., man was also charged with five other offenses when he was arrested on Wednesday. When the boy’s mother learned that her son and Sumlin had sexual intercourse, she took him to a local hospital for an HIV test, which produced positive preliminary results.


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8 thoughts on “HIV-Positive Man, 30, Arrested For Attempted Murder After Having Sex With Male Teen

  1. tcbasssr on said:

    Now this is truly a tragedy, he should be dealt a swift and severe punishment for first having unprotected sex and knowing that he was positive and second for having sex with a minor. Parents must be aware of what their children are doing and engaging in on the internet at home and outside the home, we must begin healing our community or we are doomed to always be looked at side ways.

  2. Children need to be supervised so that predators like this guy doesn’t have any opportunity to get at them. This is very sad!!! I will say it again, anyone willing to have sex with people they don’t know most likely is infected and willingly passing on the virus. This is how people who don’t know need to start thinking, including and especially the children. Protect your children, protect yourself from predators.

  3. veronicaj on said:

    I heart goes out to the boy and the family. This is why it is so important for parents to stay involved in their child(ren) lives because you never know what kind of munsters are trying to destroy their joy. It pays to be over protected no matter how much the child hates it.

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