In a shocking confession, Dallas, Texas-based Larry Dunn told local authorities that he killed girlfriend Cicely Bolden, when she admitted to having HIV after they had sex.

According to 36-year-old Dunn, he had only been dating Bolden briefly, when she confessed to having HIV. Still, Bolden allegedly told Dunn  not to worry because it was “not that bad.”

In reaction, Dunn reportedly went in to the kitchen and returned with a knife, stabbing the Mother of two twice in the neck. And yet even worse was to come: Bolden’s two young children would be the ones to find her on her bedroom floor — naked from the waist down — with two gashes in her neck after school.

Cooperating with authorities, Dunn later admitted to burning his clothes and discarding the knife allegedly used in the murder in a waffle house garbage. He allegedly told authorities, “She killed me, so I killed her.”

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16 thoughts on “Boyfriend Kills Mother Of 2 After She Admits To Having HIV

  1. MisterChecMate on said:


  2. I don’t believe his version of the story. It doesn’t make sense. Even IF she is HIV positive and he had unprotected sex with her, it doesn’t automatically mean that he contracted the virus. Also, I’m not understanding why she would tell him AFTER the fact. I would think that if she was that “low down” that she wouldn’t bother to tell him at all!

  3. Zabadread on said:

    wow its not surprising but this is gonna happen to a lot more people out there these are the last of times and im saying it over and over its gonna get worst before it gets better, i just feel for the kids

  4. SweetTee on said:

    Condom! Condom! Condom! Then Testing, Testing, Testing… She was partially clad, because she didn’t consent to unsafe sex. He (Mr. Invincible)is the one who tol her that “it aint that bad.” Once he gets to prison then he will be the raped victim and he will definetly get HIV while incarcerated.

  5. SweetTee on said:

    I agree with Audrey. Why have unprotected sex and then “assume” you contracted HIV. It is a strong likelyhood that she didn’t consent and his story is a cover for what really happened.

  6. yorky1966 on said:

    Why are people so stupid!!! This all could have been avoided if he had worn a condom! They are free at the health dept so there is no excuse. We need to love ourselves enough to think about the consequences of our actions.

  7. audrey mcdougle on said:

    I feel for the children who came home to find their mother dead on her bedroom floor nude from the waist down.I for one just don’t believe his story.and it amaze me how readily some will just accept his story,after all she is not able to tell her side.he made sure of that with her murder.

  8. ladyangel57 on said:

    Why is there no law against people spreading this knowingly in every State? I know Indiana and Wisconsin don’t have a law in place and it shows with the many cases of HIV/AIDS among the young and older population. It just don’t pay to trust anyone and that’s is trully sad.

  9. audrey mcdougle on said:

    He is a cold blooded murder, I don’t believe murder her in such a way sounds like rape murder and he concocted that story to cover his azz.and the way he left her for her two children to find their mother.he is a monster.

  10. I don’t feel sorry for neither one of them!! People like them are the reason the spread of hiv is off the ricter scale. They hit it and quit it, never mind getting to know the person.

    If you meet and sleep with folks you don’t know anything about.. expect to catch a deadly disease because if they’re willing to sleep with you immediately, they probably infected with something and eager to pass it on!

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