The Obama campaign has set up a text-to-donate platform that allows contributors to text the word "GIVE" to 62262.

"Accepting small donations by text message will help us engage even more grassroots supporters who want to play a role by donating whatever they can afford to the campaign – and get the President re-elected in November," said Obama campaign manager Jim Messina.

Those wishing to donate can text “GIVE” to 62262. The service is available for those who have cell phone service with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. AT&T customers will soon be able to use the feature.

The donations, which are capped at $50, will be charged via cellphone bill.

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2 thoughts on “Obama Campaign First to Accept Donations Via Text

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  2. WOW. What will this desperate campaign do next, Stand on the corner and ask for money. What happened to the billion dollars previously projected by the Obama campaign? This is a very Sad and Shameful campaign when the incumbent POTUS has to go to the extreme desperate measures of begging. The sadder part is No One Is Giving. Where is Oprah’s million dollar contribution. Mr. President, Americans want to see progress. Americans gave in 2008 and is still waiting for a return for their donations. What in the world will this deperate man do next. Where is Al Sharpton, the NAACP,and all the rest of the Shameful Black supporters. Where are the Big Hollywood millionaires, and the rest of Obama’s rich friends. Many Democrats has seen the Hope and Change lies and has come to realize that Obama can’t get it done, and now they are supporting the Romney campaign. This is last pitiful effort before this administration collapses. Shameful Broken Promises Beggers… If Obama had lived up to his promises and Stop Blaming Everyone Else, then Americans would be backing him for a 2nd term. All Americans have their eyes on the Dems convention to see if Obama will answer the question of Where is the Change? Hope? Civility? I can tell you now his answer will be it’s their fault. What else can you expect from a Slumlord Communnity Organizer. Folks, Obama don’t have anything in place to be successful in a 2nd term. There are no current changes in congress, so why would aything change now. Obama’s community organizer experience don’t work when you are dealing with political challengers. Both Repubs and Dems in the Senate and the Congress don’t Respect Obama. So Same answers, get same Results, No Hope, No Change, No changing the way DC does business. All Obama did was make the country go more backwards after Bush. 8 years of Bush and 4 years of Obama will put Black folks into a poverty level for years to come. Obama Can’t Get It Done. PERIOD.

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