Kris Humphries is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes. TMZ has learned that a woman named Kayla Goldberg is accusing the baller of infecting her with herpes two summers ago. According to the lawsuit, the two met in L.A. and after hitting it off, met up later that evening. After a night of dancing the two went back to a hotel and hooked up. She claims they had multiple rounds of sex both with and without a condom.

About a week later, Goldberg alleges she woke up to body aches, vaginal irritation, a fever and several other symptoms. She was diagnosed with herpes shortly thereafter. Why would you wait two years to file a lawsuit?


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5 thoughts on “Kris Humphries Sued For Allegedly Giving Woman Herpes

  1. wow…did it take 2 yrs to narrow it down to this guy?? come on girl you can do better than this (as they laff you outta the court room) lol. chuck it up as a lesson learned.

  2. rhemasplace on said:

    That may explain Kris and Kim’s very short marriage. But I have the same question, “why wait two years to file a lawsuit?” If Kris was not rich, would a lawsuit still be filed? How can women keep giving away their precious bodies because someone buys you a drink and takes you dancing. Women dance with yourself and buy your own drinks that way you keep your self-respect and goodies! Women need to grow up. She could have ended up with something much worse than herpes! Women you have to learn to love yourselves first. There is no way you can love anyone else before you love yourself first. Self love is what teaches us how to love others.

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