Popular coffee chain, Dunkin Donuts, is facing some heat from former franchisees claiming the company has a racial bias against minority owners.

The group claims that Dunkin Donuts executives force franchisees of color to open stores in poor, under privileged areas resulting in lower sales; while white owners are allowed to open in more profitable areas.

The suit also alleges that Dunkin Donut officials also prohibit minority owners from expanding their store locations which stifles the minority franchisees success.

Alleging the officials even lied about the sales numbers of certain areas to keep minority owners in the poor areas.

Dunkin Donuts has not released a statement on the suit.

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One thought on “Dunkin Donuts Sued for Discrimination

  1. chaquille on said:

    Oh well….I just became $6.02 richer per day…..Bye Bye Dunkin Donuts….I loved the steak, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel…..

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