R&B singer Ginuwine's oldest daughter Tiffany Nicole took to Twitter and Instagram to air out her famous dad.

In multiple screenshots, Tiffany refers to her father as a "deadbeat" and non-existent in her life, tweeting, "Some wish they had a father But sometimes ur better off cuz I wish I never met mine! #lookalikenothingalike."

In one image, Tiffany posts an alleged coversation between the two where she texts, "WAKE UP DEAD BEAT UR KIDS ARE STILL ALIVE THANK GOD FOR THAT!"

In response, Ginuwine allegedly writes, "You are such a disrespectful lil ungrateful b—- don't you ever call for shit ever deadbeat that get lost."

Tiffany Nicole says she texts her father messages like this everyday "to let him know how much of a deadbeat loser he is!!!!"

Ginuwine has not released a public statement on the matter, nor has he denied participating in the above conversation, yet.

Ginuwine has a total of eight kids, six are biological, two with his wife Sole' and the other four by four different women. He adopted his wife's two children that she had prior to their marriage.

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4 thoughts on “Ginuwine’s Daughter Calls Him a Deadbeat

  1. Marctaylor247 on said:

    Hey I wish I knew my da so I could give him a peice of my mind right now its between wesley Snipes and a few other canidates like Marcus Alan,Tavis Smiley,Refrigarator Perry, abunch of myths, now you know Tiffany You are not alone,

  2. Hiawa23 on said:

    So sad. I have a 15 year old daughter. No way could I see myself calling her that name outloud. Although, there is always 2sides of the story, the parent should be the adult.

  3. stephanie54 on said:

    if he could take care of someone elses childrens God forbid he could take care of them hehelp make.Sorry SorrySorry Sorry ass hole

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