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Greetings Mr. Joyner:

My husband J.T. George, is a retired, twenty-three year veteran firefighter who had never been sick in his life until a year ago when he was stricken with Mesothelioma, a very rare and aggressive form of lung cancer, caused by exposure to asbestos. J.T. underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove thousands of nodules from his body and placed on a ventilator in intensive care for several days. It was difficult to watch the pain and agony of such a vibrant man, he has always been my gentle giant ready to put his life on the line for others.

As he continues his fight, we are constantly faced with additional medical problems this cancer has caused, including uncontrollable weight loss, chronic fatigue and long hospitalizations. Yet, he never complains. We recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and on July 28 was j.t’s 48th birthday. When I asked him what gift he wanted—he said “i’m just happy to be here to see it, I don’t need a gift.” We always dreamed of taking a trip to hawaii for our anniversary, but right now we are content to celebrate J.T.’s life.

Tom, J.T. has often spoken of wanting a 50” high definition flat screen television and an ipad.  I know that I can’t provide either—due to being unemployed and having limited finances.  Although we would love that trip to hawaii, we may never get there—but if you grant this christmas wish of purchasing the flat screen and or the ipad, J.T. can see hawaii on a flat screen television and appreciate its music in his man cave—which is our family room.

While there is no cure for the cancer, my husband continues to be a fighting survivor and believes god has the final say. Mr. Joyner, thank you for considering this Christmas wish.



                                                                                       A. Yvette George

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